That’s What I Like!

Let’s play “That’s What I Like!”  I sometimes use this exercise with clients who are at a total loss as to what they want or would like to have in their homes.  It’s a great way to discover what you love and why, and a good way to get you in the habit of making choices.  Grab a friend and go window shopping at any store that sells home-related items. Vintage Accessories

Store Display 1The game is this:  you have to make a choice and decide on one thing you would buy from that window, display rack, or display table.  Don’t actually buy anything – but decide to pick up one thing you would take home if you had to.  You have to pick something, even if you hate everything you see. 


If you love everything you see, the trick is to narrow down your choices and commit to one thing only.  Then make your case about your choice and share this with your friend.  Is it the color, style, craftsmanship, function you preferr?  Does it remind you of something or someone? Store Display 2

Store Display 3After you’ve both made your case, move on to the next display rack.  When you’ve finished the game, think about the items you chose.  Did you notice a theme, color palette, pattern or some other similarities among the things you were drawn to? 

This is such a great way to discover and become more aware of  the style that best defines you.  When you really know what you like, you are more confident in making choices and creating your own style.  Not someone else’s.  Your OWN style.Store Display 5


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