Why the Downton Abbey Premiere is MY Superbowl

In honor of the Season Four Premiere of Downton Abbey, I am sharing some tips  about incorporating the best bits of Downton into your home.  Because I attended a special preview party several weeks ago, I’ve already seen the first hour of the premiere.  I can’t wait to see what else happens tonight.  This is MY Superbowl, people!


1.  Paint it Gold

Add metallic gold paint to detail chairs or furnishings, or simply spray paint with metallic gold paint.

gold paint horse

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2.  Hang Family Portraits

Vintage portraits are a fun collection to own, adding personality to living and dining rooms. They don’t have to be portraits of anyone you know!

vintage portrait

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 3. Inject Jewel Tones

Painting one piece of furniture in a beautiful jewel tone adds a little glam to any room.

jewel tones

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4. Light Some Candles

Pull out some candles (and candlesticks), turn off the lights, and make every dinner a romantic affair.


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5.  Bring Back the Library

Reading actual books is oh-so-much more fun than reading them through electronic means. And books are beautiful decorating accessories for your home!


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I must tell you:  2013 was a Downton Abbey kind of year for The Decorologist!  It started off last December when I hosted a fabulous Downton Abbey dinner party, which was featured in The Tennessean:

decorologist in Tennessean

Party Like It’s 1917!


In the spring, I was interviewed by Amy Lorentzen of the Associated Press about incorporating Downton Abbey-inspired decor into your home.  It was featured in 60+ newspapers and online news outlets across the United States, including The Washington Post, along with photographs from my home.  

downton abbey decorating



And finally, I wrote an article that ran in The Tennessean in December about Downton Abbey-inspired fashion with photos from the Nashville Public Television (NPT) Fundraiser Premiere Party at the historic Franklin Cinema.

downton abbey fashion decorologist


So, what does that mean for 2014?  I’m thinking a tour company should invite me to host a group tour to Highclere Castle in England.  Now THAT would be fabulous!





  1. Jil Sonia Interiors

    Yes, I’m definitely in Kristie for a tour of Highclere! Congrats that your article made it to 60 newspapers, I knew it did get in a few, but didn’t realize 60! Wowie!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Great, Jil – we would have a blast at Highclere!

  2. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    I’m right there with you in loving everything about Downton Abbey! I loved the show about Highclere that ran before Downton Abbey last night. Fascinating history.

  3. Cathy

    Sign me up for tour– it’s on my bucket list!

    “What’s a bucket list?”

  4. Mary Jane Peterson

    I’ve been to Highclere Castle, in fall of 2012, and it’s fabulous! You enter the house in the library and exit in the Saloon, which is an awe inspiring room. The grounds are amazing. The trees you see are Cedars of Lebanon and many of them have died and been cut down, but the trunks are so massive they carved them into tables and benches. I hope you get to go.

  5. Beth

    Congratulations on a successful year, Kristie. I missed the opener last night as I am out of town, but it is waiting for me….. Thanks for not including a spoiler. All I know is that Mary was sad and Thomas is a butt. Nothing unexpected there! lol

    Looking forward to meeting you at the RESA Conference!

  6. Linda

    Congratulations Kristie on all the press, I am so happy for you! I’ve been a big fan since the beginning and last night did not disappoint! Every time is watch I think of you because I know you are a super fan!

  7. GIna

    What a great year for you, Kristie, and it sounds like this year will be just as wonderful. Congratulations! I, too, love Downton, but the second hour of last night’s season premiere didn’t record for me! UGH! I’ll have to research some other means to watch it. You’re so inspiring, and I love your enthusiasm!

  8. kelly

    Fabulous Darling, Fabulous! Love the show, love you for telling me about how great it was so that I watched it. Congratulations on everything!

  9. Malcolm Duffin

    Very interesting comments and delightful blog, I have been designing large statley and Country houses in the UK for nearly thirty years and am delighted Downton Abbey is finding an international audience and source of inspiration to all of our friends across the water. You can see some of my work on Houzz or my website and am delighted to offer anyone interested enlightenment and advice on houses of this nature. The very foundations of Interior Design can be found in classical country houses and without an adequate appreciation of how these homes were conceived and designed even furnished I think it difficult for Designers and enthusiasts alike to create beautiful classic and relevant design today. I always describe it as “high decoration” you may not like it all but its very hard to criticize it?

    Keep up the good work , affectionately yours Malcolm Duffin


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