Handmade Vintage Pedestal

Last weekend I received a special gift from a very special friend!  I love it when crafty people find a way to repurpose vintage items to make something really cool. 

My friend Stacy took a single crystal candlestick and glued it to the bottom of a darling vintage saucer and created a unique pedestal.  I could use it as a votive or pillar candle holder, soap dish, candy dish, or just a pretty little something to brighten up a vignette.



Thank you, Stacy!  I think my new pedestal would look lovely in my lavender bedroom.  Speaking of which, today the Apartment Therapy  decorating blog chose my master bedroom as one of their Top Ten favorites!  Check it out here.




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11 years ago

I am so glad you like your vintage pedestal. It looks great in the pictures. Love you!

11 years ago

OMG! kristie, congratulations! this is amazing news! thanks for sharing!!! yes. I love these repurposed vintage pedestals too. so cute.

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