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How to Hang Window Treatments to Enhance Your Windows

Things have changed in the land of window treatments over the last few decades. Not just in terms of style, but also how we hang them to best effect. An updated, beautiful window treatment complements the window without overpowering it. The Decorologist

The One Thing You Must Change In Your Home

It's January. It's cold, it's dreary, and it starts getting dark very early in the day. NOT my favorite time of year. So today, I decided to give you the one piece of decorating advice that you will really want to pin (if you do Pinterest, of course).  Because this is really like the best […]

Nashville Decorator Reveals Design Secret for Hanging Window Treatments

If you’ve ever had a Decorating Intervention with The Decorologist, you have probably heard my spiel about hanging curtain panels.  I spotted this great example of my window panel philosophy in Better Homes and Gardens the other day.  Better Homes and Gardens Hang ’em high, girls!  Close to the ceiling and 8-12 inches out either of the […]

Are Your Windows Wearing Ballgowns?

I have a client who wanted to update her bedroom.  The layout of her bedroom was such that the furniture pretty much had to stay where it was.  She did not want to paint her walls or purchase new furniture.   Her windows were outfitted with nice blinds that work really well with this type of window, but […]