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The 3 Rules for Home Staging Props

School starts next week, and I’m getting a little frantic making sure everything is ready for the girls to get this school year off to the best start.  The start of school signals changes for my schedule, too, so I decided it was a good time to organize my home staging prop inventory. Every good […]

Online E-Design, A Fresh Kitchen Reveal Out West

There are times when you need a design professional in your home, but there are some situations where an online e-design consultation may be just what you need to work through an interior design project.  Yesterday I met with a former online e-design client who is now working with her father on building a few […]

Ceiling Light Dilemmas: How’s It Hanging?

Don’t you wish builders would use a little forethought when they install ceiling light fixtures?  Aargh.  Most builders hang ceiling light fixtures in the dead center of each room.  Is that where they should be hung?  Not always.  source   Just because someone installed the light in the middle of the room doesn’t mean that’s […]