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New Ideas for a Crappy Cedar Closet

I am really starting to get excited about my closet project!  I loved all the ideas and advice you guys offered here.   Since my bedroom is a grayed-down lavender,  my closet is going to be something similar.  I really love the feminine colors of this little bathroom, so I’m going with lavenders, purples, and a touch […]

Keep Calm and Snack On Tray

Happy Monday to my precious readers!  I have to share a lovely and thoughtful gift I recently received from my friend, Debbie.  Debbie knows how enamored I’ve been with everything English and specifically with the printed catchphrase made famous by the Brits during World War II:  “Keep Calm and Carry On.”  You probably know about […]

Bargain Art at Bed, Bath, & Beyond

My faithful readers know that I searched for a “Keep Calm and Carry On” print while in London earlier this year.   And I could only find it emblazoned on a coffee mug.   So I searched online for something and blogged about it here.   Yesterday, I went shopping with a client and visited Bed, Bath, & […]

London Calling

Many of you know I recently spent over a week in London, England.   The one souvenir I really wanted to bring back with me was a “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign or print.   During World War II, the British government commissioned this poster to be posted as an encouragement for the Brits to keep […]