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The Secret of Freshening Up Your Bedroom

What’s the best way to freshen up your bedroom?   I like to lighten things up in the spring/summer with fresh bedding and simple pillows. Who says you have to use the same bedding all year long?  Kristie Barnett   Isn’t it lovely?  It’s Cynthia Rowley’s Veronique.  I found it at Homegoods last week. Kristie Barnett […]

Long-Distance Decorating

How on earth can you design a room when you and your decorator are in a long-distance relationship?  Let me share a little about how I am able to help clients long-distance through the magic of this little laptop computer!  Here are photographs of the nursery in one of my on-line client’s home.  The “new” room had to […]

Purples, Lavenders, and Blues

Call me narrow-minded, but I wasn't sure what to think when I first started seeing the pairing of purple with blue.  I used to think you had to stick to one shade in a range of colors:  red, pink, or orange – but never two or three of those together!  Well, that's all changed.  Now, the […]