Purples, Lavenders, and Blues

Call me narrow-minded, but I wasn't sure what to think when I first started seeing the pairing of purple with blue.  I used to think you had to stick to one shade in a range of colors:  red, pink, or orange – but never two or three of those together!  Well, that's all changed.  Now, the most sophisticated rooms feature all shades of one color or the pairing of two colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel.  And the more I see rooms in purples and blues together, the more I like it!
lavender detail from habitually chic benjamin moore driftscape tan


What's great is that you can totally update your blue and white transferware collection by pairing it with purple like they did in this dining room.  You could do a similar look by simply painting your walls lavender or purple, then accenting with a blue and white plate collection.

dining room via decorpad

Or how about painting the walls vivid blue and accenting with lavender fabric?  In this elegant room, the designer played around with at least three shades of blue:  watery blue on the front chair, ocean blue walls, and dark blues flowers on the mantel.    Lavender is the accent here.

Purple Living Room Southern Accents Magazine


Here's a moody purpley den with dark blue accents.   Much more sophisticated than you'd expect from that color palette!  Maybe the secret of using purples and blues is the style of the pieces you use in the room.  Think European, royal, glamorous.

Blues and Purples Living Room via evergreenhill


Or go a little more contemporary, modern.  This bedroom is sophisticated and cozy with dusky blue walls and grape accents.


Blue and Lavender Bedroom via realestate


This is a very bold and very successful color palette.  Blue on the walls, lime green, heavy use of black to accent, and a punch of purple.  Not just one – the hutch is dark purple, while the draperies are more of a lavender.

Purple, Blue, and Green Room via thelennoxfiles

Blue and Lavender Living Room via House Beautiful What an elegant living room.  Marine blue draperies, light blue walls, lavender fabrics.  Notice they used creamy white accents here.


Maybe you want to go more subtle – lots of the same shade of blue and one punch of pinkish-lavender.  That's what they did in this lovely dining room.

blue dining room via decorpad



If you're looking at updating your color palette, consider adding a little lavender or purple to a blue room.  Or adding a little blue to a lavender/ purple room.  Your accent can be silver, black, cream, or even brown.   What a warm and wonderful color update for the fall!

blue and lavender pairing





  1. Julie

    I love how you have accented the walls with the blue and white plate collection! It looks stunning.
    I have a collection of Juliska salad plates that I would like to put up in my light blue bedroom.
    They are so beautiful I would like to have them on display instead of just bringing them out for dinner parties.

    Do you have any other suggestions on how to decorate with dinnerware?

  2. Susan R

    Great ideas ! Quick question…….what color lavender did you use in your bedroom ? It’s
    p-e-r-f-e-c-t and I w-a-n-t it ! Thanks ! Susan

  3. Jenni

    Hello, I have a decorating question…at the moment, I have a deep purple accent wall in my bed/lving room (studio apartment). My bed is black wood with a gray comforter. I am looking to buy a couch to accent the room but am having a hard time picking out something that will look best. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      You will need to choose a sofa fabric that relates to the room somehow, so probably something in the gray family would be best. Gray can have the following undertones: blue, green, purple, pink, and brown. Make sure you should a gray fabric that has a purple undertone so that it blends with your purple in the room. For example, a gray with green undertones won’t look as nice. Hope that helps!

  4. Amy

    What colors are the dusky blue walls from your bedroom photo? Our dressers are a similar orange color to what you have in the photo and I have been looking for a good wall color to highlight them. Love this design! Thanks for posting!

  5. valerie whitney

    in the grape bedroom ,are the bedspreads and pillows custom made or available somewhere to purchase. My daughter is so looking for this type of decor for her master bedroom

  6. Madison

    Hi, i just wanted to know what the styling is called of the dark colored chairs in the 6th picture..i love the way the wood is carved. I recently painted my bedroom a very light purple and im going for a royal/glam look with bold pops of color. Anyways, im trying to find a bed with a similar design to the one at the top of that chair i just dont know what its called/ what to search for

    • Kristie Barnett

      They may be considered Rococco. Good luck with your bedroom design!

      • madison

        thank you! i’m going with light purple, dark blue, and black. I want to incorporate some gold with out it being tacky or gaudy looking. I have dark wood floors and a vaulted wood ceiling so i feel that could easily clash with gold. hence, im asking an expert

  7. Shonte

    I just moved into a new house! I’ve been looking at colors for my living BUT my couch is this really deep purple closest color I found is Blackberry Wine(670F-7 in Behr). I would like to paint my accent wall(The one the couch sits on) a blue like Mood Indigo(570F-6) with the rest of the walls a lilac like color but I am having second thoughts mainly because my living & dining room flow right into each other like one big room. HELP PLEASE!!!!!


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