Turn Your Builder-Grade Bathroom Into a Spa In One Simple Step

Who wouldn’t want to spend every morning in a bathroom that feels like an oasis of calm?



So you have a drab, neutral bathroom.   It’s your typical builder-grade bathroom – the cabinets and hardware are fine, just nothing special.  You’re tired of it, but you don’t have the budget for a major rehab.

Bathroom Before



Want to make your bathroom feel like a hotel spa without the expense of a weekend get-away?  Is that even possible?

Builder-Grade Bathroom Before



What this bathroom needed was the right paint color, which was then repeated in the accessories to create a calming, spa-like feel.

the decorologist

Bathroom After The Decorologist


The best color for a spa-like feel is a blue with a hint of green, like the one I chose for this Nashville bathroom.  There’s no one perfect color that will do the trick for everyone’s lighting conditions and existing elements – you have to try several in that color family until you find just the right one.   Some good ones to try are Benjamin Moore Beach Glass or Gray Cashmere, or Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt.

If you need helping choosing paint colors, contact The Decorologist for a Color Consultation that will change the way you feel about your home.

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8 years ago

Beautiful transformation, Kristie!

Carol Standil
8 years ago

You are so right, Kristie! It’s always exciting to see what a difference a bit of paint and a few accessories can make!

8 years ago

AMAZING!! I thought you were going to paint the vanities so I was totally unprepared for this transformation. I’m totally inspired!

8 years ago

Hi Kristie,
Have been enjoying your blog for a couple weeks now! We painted our bathroom for the spa feeling — and used Ben Moore AF-485 Crystalline. It looks battleship gray in the can, and then mysteriously reads blue green on the wall! Really makes white towels POP.

8 years ago

What color is the one in the photo above? It’s great.

amy@maison decor

Hi Kristie, hoping I haven’t missed the closet transformation reveal~!! Loved this bathroom makeover, that color worked wonders!

Sheila Zeller
8 years ago

Nice, nice, nice! Great colour and effect…

Donna Frasca
8 years ago

What a difference color makes! I’ve use those colors before for the ‘spa’ bathroom. They are just perfect. Also, if you have an amazing color – that’s all the decor your room needs. Super pretty 🙂

Melanie G.
Melanie G.
8 years ago

I’m totally gonna do this! My builder grade bathroom is almost the same! Wonderful. Again!

8 years ago

LOVE this! Great post!

8 years ago

What a beautiful transformation! Great tips!

8 years ago

So pretty. The power of paint is just so amazing. I bet your home owners are thrilled.

Paula Van Hoogen
Paula Van Hoogen
8 years ago

Ahhhhh…..that’s the feeling I get. What a great illustration of the amazing power of color, Kristie!
I predict you’ll start a trend TODAY!!!!
Happy Springtime!

JoAnne Loftus
8 years ago

Amazing to think that a simple color change can have that dramatic of an impact on the room, but it’s so true! The right colors can completely change the look and feel of a room. Then all you need is a few accent pieces and it’s a whole new space!


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Laura Gariepy
6 years ago

I also have Benj. Moore Beach Glass in my master bath and I love it!

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