Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue Shoes This gorgeous pair of Peacock Blue wedding shoes donned by my friend, Audrey Kidd, is the inspiration for this Color Therapy post.  Peacock Blue is one of those old-school colors that make you think of grand hotels and beautifully appointed dining cars.  It’s beautifully elegant covering the walls of libraries, butler’s pantries, and other spaces where intimacy and a little intensity seem appropriate.   I think it’d be fabulous on a ceiling of a dining room.


I love the drama of this magazine room.  They served up lots of peacock blue, heavy doses of white to lighten it up, and black accents to make it dramatic.  Love that zebra rug – it adds some levity to a formal room. Peacock Blue Room

Peacock Room from Domino Magazine Some good complimentary colors would be burnt orange, tobacco brown, avocado or limey green, or another shade of blue, such as turquoise or slate.  This shade of blue doesn’t have to be intense — when paired with a lighter color, it takes its cues from the coast and becomes more tranquil and casual.  Fabrics could be in silk and velvet for formal spaces, batik or embroidered fabrics in more open, lighthearted rooms.


How about a peacock blue sofa?  I love the avocado green pillows with it.  It looks regal, but with a fun and casual twist. Blue Velvet Sofa


Blue Sofa 2 Here’s one I’d love to have!  What a statement this would make in a room with chocolate brown and fuschia.


Liven up an existing space with this 60″ round peacock-inspired rug from Urban Outfitters – it’s only $48.
Round Peacock Rug


Marine Blue Lamp Or add a dash of this beautiful color in your living room with this gorgeous Marine Blue Ceramic Lamp (#23195) from K&T Lamps in Green Hills (Nashville).  It’s $145, and I’d switch out the lamp shade to something more drum- or barrel-shaped.  If you go to K&T, tell them I sent you 🙂





Check out my Color Therapy:  My Forecast for Hot Fall Colors for more color ideas and specific Benjamin Moore colors to try.






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10 years ago

I love this entry on peacock blue. I painted my kitchen 2 years ago in “peacock feathers” and love the beautiful contrast against my white beadboard. It’s bright and happy without overwhelming the space. I have found myself bringing in more blues throughout the house because it lends a warm, sophisticated feel. Thanks for the thoughts!

10 years ago

do you have a preferred paint number for the peacock blue? I’m thinking about adding some splashes of it to my blue guest bedroom/study..

10 years ago

Robbie, a few of my favorite peacock hues are Rendevous Bay 726, Blue Toile 748, and Yosemite Blue 2059-40. (All Benjamin Moore)

the blue room + a linky partay! | the handmade home
8 years ago

[…] is such a versatile color. but then again, aren’t they all?I guess that’s why there’s color theory, psychology, and art therapy. That’s why […]

8 years ago

I am inspired by that peacock blue tufted velvet sofa! Looking at the referenced website it appears that it’s for rent as a prop and not for sale. Good price, yes, but I want one I can keep. Any idea where I can purchase something like this?

8 years ago
Reply to  Desiree

Sent via email 2/22/12

Hi Kristie,

I am writing from Bridge Furniture & Props, a furniture rental business working mostly with TV and Movies in the New York City area.

Thank you for mentioning our Peacock Blue Sofa in the August 20,2009 post –

Currently, we don’t sell our rental pieces. If that changes, I will let you know. Please update the blog post so people are not disappointed when they call us.



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