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Making a Library Nook Out of a Storage Space

For the last 14 years, there’s been a sliver of a room upstairs that I have used to store crafts, projects, and party supplies. Melanie G Photography This was the room at its best – for a pro photo shoot of my entire house. Believe me, most of the time the floor was barely visible. […]

The Decorologist’s Virtual Room Design Winner

With all the Charlie Sheen nonsense going on, I had to resist the temptation to use the “winning” thing in the post title – but I refrained.  The winner of the Virtual Room Design is Maribeth from Columbia, South Carolina!  This was her entry:  “We have a large, rarely used living room that we are […]

Creating a Library

I’m always encouraging clients to make their rooms more functional, more beautiful, and more “them.”  This is a great example of taking an underused room and making it highly useful and true to the homeowner’s interests.  These homeowners are true bibliophiles (that means they’re readers :)).  But all their books and bookcases were stuffed into a guest […]