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A Neutral Palette

What does it mean to have a neutral palette? Well, that all depends:     THERE’S A DIFFERENCE I don’t mean to be picky, but that’s just been driving me crazy. Something just HAD to be said, so there, I said it. WHEW, I feel much better now . . . That is all. Ok, […]

The New Neutral for Sofas

Are you over the big tan or brown blob of a sofa that’s been lurking  living in your living or family room for the last ten years?  I’m sick to death of them, let me tell you.  Most people may tell you that GRAY is the new neutral for sofas, but I beg to differ. […]

Get Your Furniture Arrangement In Balance

I see it all the time:  rooms that lack balance.  When your furniture is not balanced, the whole room feels off-kilter. source   Here’s a good example off an off-kilter room I worked in last week.  From this angle it didn’t look so bad, in regard to furniture placement.  There wasn’t a lot of color […]