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Turn Your Wall of Shame Into a Hall of Fame

I have a passion for hanging art and creating art groupings (strange, I know).  In my book, nothing is better than taking a family’s photographs and creating a gallery wall for them.  I’m still in Atlanta furthering my design education, but I thought today I’d share a family photo gallery I created for a new client last […]

Historic Home Tour Highlights

I’m a big fan of historic home tours.  Here in Nashville, there are about a dozen annual tours of historic neighborhoods.  I hit as many as I can.  My current favorite is a tour of a high-end historic neighborhood off West End Avenue.  Recently, my daughter and I spent a Saturday appreciating the architecture and […]

Creating a Photo Gallery

Creating a photo gallery is a great way to consolidate your family photos and make a statement.  It can be a little daunting, however, when you don’t know where to start.  I have some simple pointers to help you make it happen. Choose a hallway or one wall over a sofa or dining room buffet.  […]

The Secrets of Hanging Art

Here they are.  All the secrets to hanging your artwork so that you will not be mocked for hanging it poorly: Match frame shape to wall shape.  Hang a vertical piece of art when you have a vertical sliver of wall.  Hang a horizontal piece of art or a horizontal grouping on a wall that […]