Turn Your Wall of Shame Into a Hall of Fame

I have a passion for hanging art and creating art groupings (strange, I know).  In my book, nothing is better than taking a family’s photographs and creating a gallery wall for them.  I’m still in Atlanta furthering my design education, but I thought today I’d share a family photo gallery I created for a new client last week. 

She had done her homework:  all the photography was ready for me and in gorgeous frames, no less.  Framing them in the same frame finish makes the grouping cohesive, but it’s great to vary the actual frame design like she did here.  I worked on the design on the floor before I started swinging my hammer.


Here’s the hallway that was just waiting for a reason to be noticed . . .


Now this hall has a reason for living – showing off the beautiful family that lives here!


Now the Hall of Shame is the Hall of Fame.  What do you think?


If you need help creating a Hall of Fame for your family photos, contact The Decorologist for a design intervention ([email protected]).

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Naturally Carol
9 years ago

Those frames are perfect for that wall…I love family photos too….nobody else has the same ones and they do provide an intimacy that ties people with a particular house. I am truly envious of you being able to go to Maria’s seminar! She is my absolute favourite authority on colour too…I have learned so much from her blog…it was one of the first I ever joined. Though I am mightlily impressed that you came over and became my ‘friend’ ‘cos I’m learning a lot from you too. I won’t bother to say ‘have a great time’…I just know you must… Read more »

Jennifer Driver
Jennifer Driver
9 years ago

Can’t wait for my wall of fame! 🙂

9 years ago

Just found your blog and will certainly be following to get ideas for my reno decoration. I am about to paint my hallway and have been thinking of ways to give it a wow factor as it is our main entrance. Love these frames and arrangement. G

Kelly, Restyling Home by Kelly
Kelly, Restyling Home by Kelly
9 years ago

Beautiful Kristie! What color paint did you use? It looks very soft and pretty. Aren’t yellows so hard to choose? Hope you are having fun on your weekend. Yes, I am still jealous! 🙂

Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

This turned out great. I often use similar types of frames in a grouping as well.

Warmly, Michelle

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