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Tricking Out an IKEA Karlstad Sofa

We had a yard sale a couple of weeks ago.  A pretty large one.  It was exhausting, but necessary.  I sold a lot of my collections that I hadn’t displayed or used in years, along with kids’ outgrown clothes and toys.  I also needed to downsize the home staging props that had overrun their appointed room […]

When Brass is a Good Thing & What You Get From Having a Melt-Down

Most of us are aware that shiny brass fixtures can make a home feel a bit dated.  But those fixtures aren’t real brass – and real brass can add class (sorry, couldn’t resist the rhyme).   I found this brass lamp at a yard sale a few weeks ago – it’s made of real brass […]

Rescuing Treasure – Yard Sale Finds!

I had such a great weekend.  A dear friend was in town visiting, and we spent Saturday doing something we used to do together when she lived in Nashville:  went yard saling!  It’s been a long time since I’ve spent a dedicated morning trolling for sales – I usually just hit a random estate sale […]