When Brass is a Good Thing & What You Get From Having a Melt-Down

Most of us are aware that shiny brass fixtures can make a home feel a bit dated.  But those fixtures aren’t real brass – and real brass can add class (sorry, couldn’t resist the rhyme).   I found this brass lamp at a yard sale a few weeks ago – it’s made of real brass and it has a bit more depth and better color than that cheap brass finish we are all so tired of.

 Real Brass Lampbase


I’d say it’s at least 40 years old, and probably cost a pretty penny when first bought.   I paid $15 for it.  It had a dusty cream pleated shade in a triangular shape, which I discarded before I left the sale!  This blue/green drum shade definitely is better – I really can’t abide triangle shades, even in a room sporting a vintage vibe (like mine).  I think the touch of gold ties in well to my gilt coffee table – I wrote about that paint  transformation here.


 Gilt is Good


I am loving this round coffee table so much – there’s so much room to make pretty vignettes!

glass tabletop

Tabletop Vignette


Did you notice those beautiful flowers on the table?  Mr. Man was out of town for over 2 1/2 weeks for business – he sent these last week after a phone conversation during which I was very stressed about my and the kids’ schedules, as well as some computer difficulties.   These showed up on my doorstep the next afternoon – he must have been concerned that I was LOSING IT.

 What You Get For Having a Melt-Down


Maybe I should lose it more often!  He’s home now, so this week should be a bit more manageable.   But you never can tell . . .

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Cris Angsten
8 years ago

That’s so sweet! He gets the Man of the Year award with that!
I also have been using brass lamps in my designs lately – the good, heavy brass lamps – nobody seems to want them, and I can usually score one with great shape for $10-$15!

8 years ago

oh, your hubby is so considerate…how can I ‘train’ mine to be like this and act to my ‘complaint’…:)

8 years ago

The flowers are so pretty and not what you usually expect! I love your small touches of gold/brass.

Maria @ All Things Luxurious

I love your find, and the flowers are beautiful! 🙂 Happy Monday!

amy@maison decor

haha that was a cute post Kristie~I think the brass lamp reeks of class~hehehe…love your mixed up vibe of a living room. It is seriously adorable in a cool way! You got a good guy there, and he knows when to put up!

8 years ago

Mr. Man is the best! That must be so hard for you to balance everything when he is gone so long. The flowers are beautiful and so is your beautiful vignette! Very pretty!


8 years ago

What a thoughtful Mr. Man you have there! Before I got into design I was never a big fan of brass but I must say it is starting to grow on me…great score on the beautiful lamp.

8 years ago

You’re right about the “real” brass. I like it better. It looks great in your room. What a sweet husband to give you flowers. They always make me feel better.

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