The Proof is in the Results: Speed Staging by The Decorologist

Remember the post I did recently about my Speed Staging services?   These are the Realtor photos of the home that my assistant and I staged in 2 hours flat.

staged dining room

Staged Dining Room

Jim and Melissa Allen are my favorite local Realtors, specializing in the areas of Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville, Tennessee.   Because they’ve seen the power of good staging in the many jobs we have done together, they now provide their clients with a Staging Consultation or Speed Staging by The Decorologist as part of their listing agreement. For FREE!

Staged Bedroom by The Decorologist

The Allens know how to sell houses – they already have brought in 2 offers on this very home – and it’s not even listed on MLS yet!!!

home staging by the decorologist

Staged Kitchen

Looks like quality Realtors and a quality Home Stager may have this home sold without even having to put it on the market officially!


Staged Living Room

If you want to experience the staging process and see some “before” and “afters” of this beautiful home, read my post called Speed Staging with The Decorologist.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Greater Nashville area, contact Jim and Melissa Allen.   And tell them The Decorologist sent you.

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Peggy @The Decorating Files

Looks beautiful! If only every seller could realize how much staging their homes may help them sell it quicker and for more money. I wrote The Moving Handbook; in it I discuss the importance of staging and recommend hiring a professional stager. The return on investment is so worth it! Thank you for the great post.

Amy White
Amy White
8 years ago

As a professional stager I am astounded by how many agents do not stage, or they set the table and think it’s staged! It really boils down to money in v. money out. I think the money spent on staging should double on return in the sale (spend $2000 and get at least $4000 more). The house looks fantastic, Kristie!

Paula Van Hoogen
Paula Van Hoogen
8 years ago

I am going to see if I can forward this to every Realtor in town. (I just have to figure out how)…..
This post is so powerful, Kristie, in communicating the IMPORTANCE of staging!
Great job on that and the post.


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