A Daughter's Dream Room & the Dyson DC59 Motorhead Vacuum

My little girl is growing up.  She wants a more mature bedroom, something different than the one she’s had for years.  The room you see here is it’s condition just prior to a magazine shoot at our house a few months back.  So please understand, it’s NEVER this clean.  Which is a problem, but I’ll get to that later in the post when I share with you my dream . . .


daughter’s room

Her bedroom is really a pass-through room into my older daughter’s room, which doesn’t give either of them much privacy.  Mr. Man decided he is tired of going from his studio (in the finished basement) to the second floor of our home to get to his office. Because he offices from home, the Mr. has clients traipsing through our house all the time.  Although he has LOVED this room as his office, he offered to let our younger daughter move into it so that she could have a big girl room and he could have a complete studio/office on one level.  I do believe I saw him shed a tear, though . . .


midcentury modern office

Mr. Man’s Lair Office


My daughter loves all the bookcases and the window seat in this room (Mr. Man built those in ten years ago), so she and I began to dream what her new room will be.  We have decided to paint all the bookcases and trim throughout the room turquoise blue to change up the color scheme dramatically. The new color scheme will be turquoise, orange, and yellow. The more I think about it, the more excited I get about the changes!  This room will be different from any room in our home.  This is the Inspiration Board I put together for this space:


OB-Dyson Dream Room


So this is going to be great for her, but what about MY DREAM?  My dream is for a room that stays clean, picked up – everything in its place.  Not all the time – not when she’s playing, of course.  But for a small smidgen of every single day, my dream is for her room to look like a magazine spread.  Is that too much to ask?



Well, you may think my expectations are a bit unrealistic, but I recently learned about this amazing CORDLESS vacuum – the Dyson DC59 Motorhead.  It’s getting rave reviews, and I will tell you why. I’m pretty sure this could make my dream come true.  It outcleans the top five selling full-size vacuums, and it’s cordless. We have a central vacuum system in our home, which has its merits, but my kids hate the big clunky hose and claim it’s too hard to maneuver. See how easily the  Dyson DC59 Motorhead fits in her room:


OB-Dyson Dream Room


I’m thinking the Dyson DC59 Motorhead might be just the ticket to get the girls to vacuum their own rooms.  It’s lightweight – less than 5 pounds!  And it easily cleans under furniture, above head (to get into all the shelves in her bookcase).




We could use it to vacuum and dust – with one simple machine.  It’s great on stairs and will even zap cobwebs in corners without having to touch them, so no more excuses for my dear daughter NOT to clean her room!



The Dyson DC59 Motorhead works equally well on hardwood and carpet, and it’s a breeze for cleaning out your car – and if you’ve ever ridden in my car, you would know badly I need that.



Now to make your dream come true – we are giving away a Dyson DC59 Motorhead, a $600 value!  Here’s all you have to do:


1.  Click one of the links in this post to learn more about this amazing vacuum cleaner of the future.

2. Leave a comment below briefly describing your dream space and which Dyson DC59 Motorhead feature would be most helpful in YOUR house.


 Easy – now who wants to win???

Stay tuned to see the transformation of my daughter’s dream room.  We want to get started on it soon!


Thanks to Dyson for sponsoring this post


  1. Jo

    My dream is a stairway without dog hair! How nice to have a lightweight, cordless vacuum to make that happen.

  2. Ruth

    Not sure if I’m allowed to enter since I’m in the UK?

    My dream room? A large, airy room with dark hardwood floors and pale blue walls. Floaty white curtains, a tufted headboard and luxurious white bedding. Excellent storage, mood lighting and a window seat (I’ve always wanted a window seat!)

    And as for the most helpful Dyson feature, the fact that it’s lightweight would be super amazing (I’m disabled) though the fact that it’s cordless is awesome as well!

  3. Julie Rozell

    Will Dyson DC59 give me back 2 hours a day? YES! We have built our home to replicate the 1920’s feel with 2600 sf of hardwood and marble on the main level. We live on the lake with sand being tracked thru on a daily basis. The Dyson DC59 would easily power thru the hardwood and area rugs right thru to the marble flooring in the bath. Dream room? Not yet but with a power vac like that my dream might come true! Lets ditch those heavy canister vacs and enjoy our cleaning routine!
    Forgot to mention cordless? Thats a dream right there!

  4. Laurie

    I love the almost all white room! And the pink dyson motorhead would be a dream to have! I have the dyson upright and love it but a cordless would be so handy.

  5. Jamie

    My dream room would be an oversized laundry and mud room. With blue washer and dryer and a place for everything. Maybe even throw in a dog shower. I would use the Dyson to keep our dog hair under control. 🙂 The cordless feature would be most helpful.

  6. Georgianna

    I only have a old and cheap vacuum that just doesn’t clean that well so any high functioning vacuum would be a huge improvement. Dyson has that reputation in spades.

  7. Janice McElhone

    I love the fact that it is cordless and lightweight. My dream room is any room without all the clutter!!

    • Lois Coile

      We have a cottage behind our home and I’m constantly dragging the vacuum back and forth. How nice it would be to have the lightweight, cordless Dyson. I’m sure it would quickly become my new best friend forever.

  8. Jana

    My dream room is making our main entrance hardwood – our carpet has given its best for 5 years of my son’s life! Entryway, office area, eat-in area and the kitchen. One large activity space for our home every day – it’s our high traffic, high usage room. We already are big believers in Dyson – we invested in a DC33 and fell in love with that powerful motor. I would love to have it’s “sister” to take care of new hardwoods!

  9. Kelly H

    I love that it is cordless and works on lots of different surfaces. I know it’d use it all the time in my dream room–a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and built-in window seats with plantation shutters. I’m lucky to say my dream is becoming a reality with DH building it this fall.

  10. Sarah

    I love the new design for your daughter’s room! I too struggle with both my girls keeping their rooms clean. For the past year I have been redecorating both of their rooms, but our constant challenge is keeping them CLEAN! I currently have a Dyson Animal that I saved up for for years. It’s an amazing vacuum and all the Dyson products are fabulous. But many times I have wished I could more easily carry it to the attic, down to the basement, out to the car…..so my FAVORITE thing about theDC59 Motorhead is it’s cordless portability. Hands down! So, I really hope that I win this DC59 Motorhead because it would make my life so much easier!

  11. Teresa

    I hope the Dyson cleans better than the last 12 vacuum cleaners that I have owned! If so, than I’m in!

  12. Angela

    My dream room is a library with good lighting, comfortable chairs and lots of books! I think the cordless Dyson would be perfect for all the stairs in my house!

  13. Toni Peterson

    I thought for sure you’d mention that the girl’s would love that the dyson is PINK! I hate vacuuming stairs so the light weight feature might get me to actually clean the stairs instead of having to move. My dream room is a beachy kitchen/living room overlooking the sand and surf.

  14. Ana Shirley

    I think the docking station as well as the ability to pick up all the things I’m allergic too… And loose pins without bag rupturing would make it perfect for my teenie tiny craft room. Plus the reacher arm attachment means I could keep all my fabric stash dust free.. Even the top shelf.

  15. Tammy R.

    I hate vacuuming the stairs, so the fact that this is only 5 pounds and cordless would make my day! My dream room would be a romantic but still functional bedroom to share with my husband as we celebrate 25 years of marriage this year.

  16. Kristy

    I love to vaccum to see the “clean” streaks on the carpet! They only last a few minutes after the kids… Dog… And husband walk thru! But a happy family is also a dream!

  17. Susan

    My dream space is an uncluttered and redecorated bedroom. Haven’t done much to it for about 28 years as raising children and taking care of other spaces has been the priority. The cordless and dual use on carpet and hard floors are awesome features of the Dyson DC59 Motorhead. Also the fact that it sounds like it cleans so well! Most cordless vacs I’ve used in the past have not done a thorough job.

  18. Irene Harper

    I would love to have a lightweight vacuum cleaner. I’m 72 and have arthritis. Dragging or pushing a heavy vacuum is so difficult.

  19. Shannon C

    Like you, I love any space that is clean! My front formal living room is my fav space right now… we just painted and cleaned it top to bottom so it’s organized and very clean! I sit in there to read the paper and my husband and I sit there just about every work day to catch up with each other. It’s my dream space – and I hope it continues to stay clean!
    We have a dyson – the cannister model, which is awesome – but really need a hand held too.

  20. Pam L.

    I have four indoor cats. Need I say more?

  21. Ann

    This little vacuum looks like a dream! I would love using it on my stairway and for hard-to-reach, awkward places that are difficult with a heavy machine. Be gone! years of lugging that huge vacuum up and down and up and down! My dream space is to update the kitchen with white cabinets and lovely hardwood floors incorporating some of my much-loved Victorian pieces into the update.

  22. Melanie G.

    My dream space is calm and clean and free of hair! I’d love to get rid of all the carpet. This dyson would be amazing on my hardwood floors!

  23. Elizabeth

    Living in an rv right now, so my dream would just be a house! Currently though the most helpful thing about the vacuum would be its compact size.

  24. cher

    The fact that it is cordless, is the best! No more plugging and unplugging all over!

  25. Monika O.

    I have been eyeballing this bad boy for a while. Too many stairs and kids rooms. Would love to have one.

  26. Eileen

    My dream room is my new (in the planning phase!) kitchen, with a vacuum that lets me get to those I-can-see-it-but-just-can’t-reach-it spaces. Go Dyson!

  27. Ruby Cooper

    I fell in love with the ” captures microscopic dust” feature!!
    My dream room is a stylish, efficient home office that increases my productivity and creatively!

  28. Lisa Hassler

    My dream room would be a large pantry with undercounter laundry to store all of the food that we can from our garden while having an out of the way place to fold laundry – and store my new Dyson vacuum : )

    Living on the cape, we constantly track in sand from outside. The stairs to the bedrooms are just inside the back door, so invariably, the stairs have sand and dirt on them. I love the cordless, lightweight design of the Dyson DC59 Mortorhead. It would make cleaning the stairs a breeze.

  29. Mary M

    My dream room has long been a multi season sunroom with a slate floor and plenty of windows to let in light for reading, many plants, cushy furniture with sunbrella slipcovers, 2 hanging chairs for my daughters, billowing window sheers, & an indoor/outdoor area rug.

    I would love the Mini motorized tool on the Dyson to make it easier to vacuum the upholstery more regularly than I do now!

  30. Deborah Krone

    My dream room is an open concept basement. Part laundry, part entertainment kitchen, part family room, with painted beams and a insulated hardwood floor. The Dyson DC59 would keep our new space clean of cobwebs, at 5 lbs and cordless, cleaning overhead would be a breeze.

  31. Sandy

    With a new puppy in the house and four precious grandchildren, we would use this nearly everyday. I would love to have a cordless vacuum for the stairs and car.

  32. Tresa

    Any suction at all would be my favorite feature!

    Dream room = a kitchen designed in the present and not in the 1970’s!

  33. Chelle Greene

    Cordless and lightweight? I would finally be able to clean my nasty stairs! Even though I have lots of ideas of how I would like my house to look, my dream room would be one that is clean and looks clean. (2 different things)

  34. Cherie

    Our dream room is a wine tasting room in the basement near my husband’s winery. It would be a wonderful place to sit with friends and taste his great wines. With the Dyson Motorhead Vac, I wouldn’t have to haul my heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. Ah! : )

  35. Martha Johnson

    I already have my dream room. It includes a hallway into a kitchen/family room/ dining room where most of my life takes place. A light vacuum that could help me with the carpet, tile and wood flooring in this large space would be absolutely wonderful!

  36. Nancy N

    My dream space is an office/library with lots of built ins for books and storage. Pets are part of the family, so the Dyson would be great for keeping the office (and the rest of the house) free from dust, dirt and pet hair.

  37. Jane

    My dream is to update the living room rug with a low pile beauty that the cat won’t destroy… and to be able to keep both the rug and the wood floors clean with that adorable vacuum! Cheers!

  38. Elayne

    The fact it’s cordless (and lightweight) would mean that even my 7 year old could easily use it, right? Well, that would definitely be a game changer! 🙂

  39. Sarah

    My dream space is a spot for reading, so it would need a cozy place to curl up and room for my coffee — but I love to look up from my book now and then and gaze outside when pondering, so I’d really love welcoming windows for a peaceful outdoor view.

    My favorite Dyson feature is its versatility. Thursday is my cleaning day, so I would love to use one piece of equipment for the many things I tidy up: carpet, wood floors, dusting, stairs…plus all the corners and tight spots throughout the house where dog hair and cobwebs like to hide. I’d zap it gone!

  40. Tracy B

    My dream space is any room I can claim as my own in a house full of boys…one that I can make as girly as I want. The Dyson would be a great addition to our household and the fact that it is cordless and lightweight (kid-friendly) is perfect for us!

  41. Gail Bailey

    This DC59 vacuum sounds amazing. My favorite feature would be the ease of cleaning both carpet and hardwood…tile too! Thanks, Kristie!

  42. Cheryl Rafuse

    This vacuum would be great at our shore cottage. Built in the 80s it has a sunken living room with two sets of stairs and a spiral staircase. Not great for long cords and long hoses. In my dream room I will replace that 40 year old industrial carpet with textured or reclaimed wood floors. One wood panelled wall will have store from floor to ceiling and the remaining wood walks whitewashed. Don’t even get me started on the kitchen, that is “a do over”. Thanks

  43. naptimeseamstress

    My dream space would be a large homeschooling room – complete with built-in bookcases, work spaces (for five!), space for all supplies to be at our fingertips and organized.
    The cordless vac would be MARVELOUS! No cord getting stuck as I go around the fridge….or under a cart with wheels. And going from carpet to hard floor without changing any heads – that would be great!

  44. Kari

    My dream is to turn (with her permission and excitement) my daughters playhouse into a new urban chicken coop! We would LOVE to hsve this stain for vacuuming dog hair of of our basement stairs. I would love to be rid of the carpet, but our sweet dog Lola needs it to keep a grip on the stairs as she travels them. And, I didn’t even think about the car! That would be revolutionary! Thanks for the opportunity to live dog hair free-ish! 🙂

  45. Mary S.

    My dream space is my entry updated and inviting. I would use the vacuum or rather have my children use it to vacuum the stairs and keep the wood floors clean. I love that it is light weight and cordless.

  46. Gloria W

    My dream room is a more open living room/eating area/kitchen, with built-ins bookcases and several seating areas to accommodate everyone at all our holiday get-togethers. I love that this vacuum picks up even microscopic dust – so helpful for my kids with allergies!

  47. LibbyP

    I have the Dyson Animal and am already sold on Dyson vacuums! But I live in a 2 story house plus a basement – it would be great to have a lightweight vacuum to carry upstairs – and to rid those stairs of dog hair (my dogs aren’t allowed on the 2nd floor – how is there dog hair on the stairs to the 2nd floor?).

    Thank you for offering this!

  48. Kylie

    Love how lightweight it is, I don’t have to drag our clunky one up and down the stairs.

  49. Anne

    My dream room is clean, clutter free with warm earth tones a big cozy sectional and a fireplace. It needs to have plenty of storage for board games and books. A place were my family and friends can spend time together laughing and loving!
    I love that the Dyson is cord free and only 5lbs! I can store it in my closet and use it in every room in the house without ever worrying about plugging and unplugging cords!

  50. Kelly Gabrovic

    My dream space is a family room that is inviting, warm, comfortable and stylish at the same time. And did I mention CLEAN? My vacuum is so darn heavy, I don’t having to get it out, and forget taking it upstairs! The Dyson would be very helpful since it is so light 🙂

  51. Jackie

    My dream space would be a stunning front room/greeting area. Its a large room with a lot going on: high ceilings, staircase, 4 doorways, three windows, a fireplace and an archway. The Dyson would help me keep the wood floor & sisal area rug tidy. Lots of cleaning to be done with 3 kids, a dog and lots of playmates coming over. Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. laura

    The light weight aspect would let me clean the stairs without fear of injuring myself! I dream of a home with lots of crafts made by my child but the mess magically disappears! I will miss those crafts one day. A kitchen with the perfect amount of storage space would be great too!

  53. Katie H

    My dream space is free of clutter and full of the things I love. It’s not too big, but organized and functional; and, it is welcoming to guests. It’s a place where I can produce food and art, snuggle my (almost grown) babies, and focus on life, not cleaning. My current home is slowly but surely shaping up to be that place, and an efficient and well thought-out vacuum system like the Dyson DC59 would be a great multi-tasking tool to fit with our lifestyle.

  54. Pam

    I live in an historic cottage down South that does not have lots of storage and closet space. I need a powerful multi-tasking vacuum with a small footprint just like THIS MIRACLE MACHINE!! I am also needing a machine that is lightweight due to my physical impairment. What a genius product Dyson has made!!!

  55. Julie Tuley

    My dream space would be a craft room, for my sewing and projects, with a very girly chandelier and as much floral as I want! Ha! My husband isn’t a fan of floral so it’s rare to see it anywhere in our current house, except our daughter’s room. He made an exception for her! ;). I would use the Dyson to pick up all the little threads that fall when I sew. It just might also use it for the cobwebs that I never have in my house.

  56. Ali

    2 dogs, 2 kids…. My husband is obsessed with Dyson. My dream is to own one and him do all the vacuuming! Dream room to redo-open floor plan family room. We do everything here. Not use why we need the rest of the house! Ali

  57. Stephanie B

    My dream space to make into a magazine spread would be my great room. It’s so challenging to decorate a kitchen/living/entry/dining all together when it’s all open concept…it’s just a big job to make all the spaces wonderful and functional, yet cohesive in décor. I’m really trying hard to bring my ideas together and I read blogs like yours for inspiration. The vacuum would be AWESOME to keep in my pantry for cleaning up after my kids!!! It would definitely out-rank the little hand-held one that loses its gusto after a minute of running. I could even get through my stairs without running out of charge and suction – what a dream itself!

    By the way – the Jenny Lind bed you put in your mood board – LOVE it! I did that bed for my little girl’s room also. Bought an antique headboard and footboard on craigslist for $50, sanded, primed and painted it (spray paint, with spray clear varnish on top), bought bed rails to fit, and it looks wonderful in her room. I also used aqua blue for the color also. Her bedding is yellow and cream and it looks adorable.

  58. Donnamae

    My dream space always consists of comfortable seating, great lighting, plants, and the ability to clean it easily. The Dyson DC59 sounds like the perfect vacuum….it bring cordless and lightweight! Thanks for the opportunity! 😉

  59. Kara

    My dream is a house without stairs! My vacuum is so heavy this cordless light weight vacuum may make me fall in love again with my current dream home…love the one your with!

  60. Angela

    Oh! I have been wanting a new vacuum forever. My current one is soooo loud that I really ought to be wearing ear plugs when I use it. As for the Dyson Motorhead, I love that it is so small and lightweight — I wouldn’t feel bad making my little kids use it at all. In fact it looks so wonderful I bet they would be begging me to use it! My dream space right now is a kitchen floor I can walk barefoot on without constantly stepping on crumbs (one of the hazards of four small kids). Please send this wonder of a vacuum my way 🙂

  61. Penny H

    Lightweight? Awesome…..Cordless? Even more awesome – I despise cords! My dream room is a Master bedroom with dark hardwood floors and white bedding/white plantation shutters and a pop of color. I’m like you – I love anything that looks like a magazine spread but realize that is not practicaly in day to day life. A girl can still dream though 🙂 If I were to win the Dyson, I would gift it to my elderly mother who could use something lightweight and powerful.

  62. Teresa

    Lightweight, no cord and 3x suction!!! Perfect for use in our downsized Southern home with our house dog, JJ, a weimarainer. I have a BIG DYSON and it is difficult to pull around. This Dyson would make cleanup easy and for this perfectionist a dream machine.

  63. Kay Walker

    My dream space would be a huge basement theatre room with lots of seating and built-in drawers for storing pillows and throws. The best feature of the Dyson for that room would be to pick up wayward popcorn. For the rest of the house, sucking up those corner cobwebs would be awesome!

  64. Sandy

    Any room that I can keep clean is my favorite! It seems like the kitchen in particular is always ‘crummy’ and I have to sweep every day. The fact that the Dyson works well on hardwood AND carpet is a big plus, and no more dragging my heavy canister vac up and down the stairs might be an even bigger plus.

  65. Stacy

    Mmm… My dream space ~ Accented with soft shades of blue and green, the cozy, cottage-style family room would offer plenty of space for my family to gather. Neutral walls would showcase the large paned, french white, floor-to-ceiling windows – The large windows would bring the view inside, allowing us to enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful lakefront.

    The tools that accompany the Dyson DC59, would help me to access those difficult to reach places and keep the gorgeous family room dust free (e.g. the tall built-in bookcases and the floor-to-ceiling window panels).

  66. Robin

    only 5 lbs and a long reach means I would finally be able to dust / clean the two-story high ceiling that soars out-of-reach over our stairwell, so the Dyson DC59 would be a wonderful addition to our household 🙂

  67. Marguerite

    I need this for my sewing room!! I have threads everywhere and this would quickly and easily get it all cleaned up!

  68. Briana Proeger

    My dream space is a casual sitting room or parlor with a cushy sofa for lounging or napping, plush scattered rugs, shelves full of books, beautiful art on the walls and a cat or two. That is why I would love and need the Dyson DC59 – to keep the cat hair at bay.

  69. Laura Jeffers

    My dream dogs in my new dream house shed daily while my dream husband creates crumbs at the coffee table. I can’t win for losing lol! I have the Shark now which is the next closest thing to my dream vacuum Dyson DC59. I love my dark hardwood floors with various area rugs and want to show them how much I appreciate them. I’ve been known to vacuum with a Dustbuster just to save the hassle of the cord.

  70. Mary Viggiano

    We live in a small condo. Dragging my big Oreck out is a pain. I need something small and powerful to help me with daily pick-up. My dream space? To take this small apt and relocate it to Paris or Bath. Of course that really is a dream. For now, I continue to creat a welcoming home using thrifted, unique findings and of course, all the great ideas I glean from wonderful blog posts.

  71. Kim Hume

    I love the light weight of the Dyson DC59. It would make it easy to dust/vacuum our stairs, as well as in and around kitchen bar stools where our pug’s fur loves to collect! I also love that it is cordless! Being an organization, “everything-in-its-place” kind of gal, my dream room would be a large mudroom with plenty of cubbies and space to catch the clutter that likes to seep into my kitchen!

    • Chris R

      Two Labradors equals lots of dog hair,
      With a Dyson DC59 I could suck them up without a care
      Cordless and lightweight what a treat
      A breeze to clean under,over each and every seat!

      Two hours to clean to my hearts content
      Hardwood, ceramics ,area rugs & more
      Because you see it can also work outdoors
      It will clean our car until the battery is spent

      A Dyson DC59 is a wonderful tool
      To win one would be so cool!

  72. Amy White

    Oh my aching back would LOVE this machine! I have a clean floor obsession, and think that this Dyson DC59 Motorhead beauty would make my life cleaner and easier, especially on stairs. I LOVE the pink!! Dark hardwood floors will shine with the clean crisp white walls reflecting the sun off the beautiful sea…

  73. Michelle Walker

    My dream room would be the one without the dog hair floating across the floor. Pick a room – ANY room.

    Instead of rain, rain go away, I’m singing dog hair dog hair go away, come again another day — like NEVER!

  74. tom lambert

    My dream space is updated white on white bedroom with turquoise accents. The DC59 is great & so versatile to easily clean those hard to reach places.

  75. Richelle B

    I would love to have this for the ease of vacuuming the stairs!

  76. Krista P.

    My dream room is an easy to clean room. This cordless vac would really help in that department.

  77. Kris Thomas

    This isn’t the sexiest feature, but the way you empty it is my favourite feature. I have a bgless vacuum on one floor of my house, and I have to pull the cup out and dump it in the trash to empty it, which is gross, but also I am allergic to dust, so it basically kills me to watch all the dust fly out into the air over my garbage bin. I am desperate for a better vacuum! The push button emptying feature is so great for allergy sufferers.

  78. Paula Diekhoff

    Well, my dream room would be any room that didn’t have to be vacuumed — but that’s in another time dimension, isn’t it? For now, I would be thrilled to own the Dyson DC59 because it has three great features: works on both carpeting and hardwood, is lightweight and has 3X the suction power of other cordless vacuums. With age, I notice I need a lighterweight vacuum and one I can use in a hurry. Oh, yes, my dream room also includes a fabulous designer to help me choose the right decor, so Kristie, if you are available with this prize, then I am in dream room heaven!

  79. Erin Manegold

    I have wanted this Dyson for the longest time! We have a Dyson Ball, (which I love!!) but with a 4, 3 and 1 year old, sometimes it’s not as convenient to take out the ball for quick clean ups after meals (under the table) and the daily task of cleaning the debris that accumulates quickly! Not to mention under beds and couches. This would be wonderful as a cleaner and time saver!

  80. Cilla Crane

    I would like it for cleaning my car, the wooden floors of my kitchen and my steps. I like how well balanced and easy to use it seems to be, and the fact that it is cordless makes it perfect!!

  81. Jenny B.

    My dream space would have high ceilings and lots of natural light, with a water view and no clutter. Clutter is overtaking my house! 🙂 The cordless feature of the Dyson would be great in my house. I’m always having to move the plug because the cord is too short on our current vacuum. Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. Carie OBanion

    My dream space is a detached pool house with a bathroom that would allow our pool guests quick access to a restroom/changing area without having to track in a wet bathing suit through the house. We also have lots of company, and my dream pool house would have a bedroom so it could also serve as a guest house.
    We just bought our son and daughter-in-law one of these Dysons for a wedding gift and they LOVE it. We have a dog who is constantly shedding and oh, what I would give for a Dyson hand-held also!

  83. Margaret

    Dream kitchen would be all white and cozy with a wood burning fireplace, and a cook who would only prepare delicious healthy meals for us. He/she would of course do all the food shopping, too! Ha.

    Dyson DC59 would be great for a.m. quickie around the kitchen, dining room and family room.

    A dream for sure.

  84. Jessica Johnson

    My dream space to use the amazing Dyson DC59 is my NEW HOUSE!! You, of course, are going to help me make it gorgeous, and with the help of Dyson it will stay that way!!

  85. Nancy O'Brien

    My daughter recently moved out of my condo and I gave her my Dyson as it is too heavy for me to use. This Dyson DC59 looks like the perfect replacement. As she has moved out, I am happily redecorating so all my rooms will be my dream rooms with just different functions. I recently had painters in and now my guest bedroom (claimed by my granddaughters) is a lovely aqua, teal and lime with hits of navy blue to ground it. I have a gable window so a seat cushion to make it cozy as a window seat has been requested by the oldest girl. As this fits in with my dreams for the room it will probably be my next project. Giggly happy grandchildren sleeping over in a room we designed together is a real dream for me!

  86. ursula

    My dream is for our much overdue renovation of our basement to be done– we have not really used it for the four years we’ve been in our fixer upper house, except when we set up our temporary kitchen there last year while the main floor was being tackled!

    Lugging our regular vac up and down stairs is not something I look forward to once that huge area is completed. A cordless that ranks right up there with full size vacs sounds pretty good to me!

  87. Linda Stegall

    The idea of it being cordless and lightweight would be great for a two-story house, plus an extra family room in the basement. Hardwood, vinyl and carpeting would be handled much easier too! My dream room–a family room that was big, warm and multi-functional. Mine currently is decently-sized but hardly any wall space so makes for only one way to arrange furniture.

  88. Elizabeth Scruggs

    I would use this in my dream kitchen remodel and to keep it crumb free as my children run around the new space with the freshly baked cookies I’ve just pulled from my oven:)! (You did say this was a dream right?)

  89. Jennifer Jackson

    I loved the Dyson cleaning both hard wood floors and carpet. I have a cat and I am not sure who sheds more Topps or me. I would love to win the Dyson.

  90. debbie

    My dream room would be our master bedroom. Hardwood floors and the entire room and master bath light and airy. I definitely lean toward ocean and sand colors with a little sun thrown in too.

    We have 1 cat and 3 dogs so the lightweight vacuum would be awesome.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to own the Rolls Royce of the vacuum world!

  91. Melissa Allen

    I currently own a Sebo — the brand used in the White House and Buckingham Palace. Guess what? Not all that impressed honestly. CORDLESS is the feature that most appeals to me about the Dyson! My dream space is my current home, but with hardwood floors free of crumbs from kids, dust bunnies and remnants of dog toys. Would love to find the perfect vacuum 🙂

  92. Mayda

    Well, it’s worth a try right? Where do I start? Stairs? Hallway? Kids’ rooms? I don’t believe that there are well designed household “helpers” anymore, in this day and age.. But it’s always nice to be challenged and to see if fantasy and reality will meet each other. Will this dyson do it?

  93. JL

    My dream space is a laundry room big enough to hold a soaking/utility tub and to leave an ironing board set up every day. The Dyson feature? The fact that my kids could use it!

  94. Tracey B "Clean"

    OMG!!!… a clean freak like myself living with a Hubby, a Son, and THREE giant choc Labradors… my dream space would be an entire home that is tracked in dirt free, pet hair free, and dust bunny free… that’s where the Dyson DC59 Motorhead would be more than a dream come true with it’s light weight and cordless features making my housecleaning easier. A relaxing dream space is a Dyson CLEAN space =)

  95. Traci

    Our dream space has been in the making for 9 years. We move slow but we have been doing all the work ourselves. Our open layout combines the kitchen, dining, and living spaces. This is where we live life and spend time with others. The first thing we did was to install hardwood floors. The Dyson would be so much better than my shop vac 🙂 and easier to store!

  96. Mrs. H

    My dream space: a house much closer to my parents (currently 12 hrs. away) or my husband’s parents (currently 8/9 hrs. away) with at least once acre of land, in the countryside.

    The feature of the Dyson that would be of most benefit to us is the high suction power. With the vacuum cleaner we have now there is still dog hair left stuck in the carpet each time I vacuum. It gets lodged, but I bet the Dyson could remove it!

  97. Shari B.

    My dream room would be a chef’s kitchen with tall white cabinetry, marble tops, lots of natural light and a huge swinging door walk-in pantry complete with a desk/computer area! Since I would have a combo of hardwood and carpet, a lightweight vacuum that handles both with ease would be also be a dream. However, the absolute top-notch feature of this Dyson model is that it is cordless! I currently have a lovely screened in deck off my living room with composite deck flooring, which is nice on the feet, but you would not believe how much it needs swept and the cobwebs seem to collect literally overnight! It is such a pain to haul the vacuum outside and and trip over the cord in the doorway. The DC59 would solve all those problems. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  98. Janet

    My dream space would be a sunroom big enough to entertain larger groups more easily and ideally it would also have a fireplace. My dream if I win the Dyson is to be able to clean any and everything without having to be attached to a cord. It would make my life SO much easier. Pick me! Pick me :)!

  99. Kim Roberts

    Thumbs down for the blatant advertising. It is one thing to promote your own services and products but you lose credibility with readers when you write a whole post to advertise another product that isn’t even related. Just my opinion.

    • Kristie Barnett

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I rarely do sponsored posts and when I do, I make sure my readers have the chance at winning of something of value and relative to house/home. And by the way, there are others that are equally offended when I promote my own services and products. On my own blog. I guess people think that blogging is just a hobby, and that I don’t have anything better to do with my time but to give away everything for free. This is my job and my livelihood.

  100. Gretchen

    My dream space today? A new, decent, wonderful master bathroom. It doesn’t need to be large, just perfectly appointed. And, I would use the Dyson in there daily!

  101. Shannon

    Dream space is not so dreamy – just would love to have clean dog hair free stairs!!!!! Not to mention dirt free! Stairs are SO hard to vacuum with my traditional machine. THIS machine would make life so nice on many levels!! Get it? Levels? Stairs? ha! I just cracked myself up 🙂

  102. Sandi

    Now I’m a believer for this perfect vacuum. After being an owner of several vacuums claiming to be lightweight with the same power of a full size, I quickly learned that I had been taken. Moving from room to room, from carpet to hardwood, the task of sucking up anything turned into my bending down to pick up what wasn’t sucked by my expensive small vac! Well, now our family has (3) offices in our home — myself, the Mr. and my son. Two upstairs and one downstairs. So, I recently bought a Eureka upright with attachments and hose that pulls so much when I reach up to the corners or walls of the rooms, the vac tips over! What a pain — then to top it off, I have to have my husband lug the vac upstairs because of my bad back. I thought staging was a back-breaking job, but it is more pain to deal with the hauling up and down stairs and everything else in between. I do need your help on this one – ha! Really, I’ve enjoyed seeing your dream room transformation board and I too am dreaming of a new pretty office for myself – no more folding tables for me! Creams/Whites/chocolate with pops of apple green and very eclectic — that’s my style! Long story short – I’d love to win the Dyson Cordless!

  103. Jess. Cook

    My dream space is a chic, classy, rustic master bedroom with grays, blues, white, and pops of red.
    If I had this Dyson vacuum I would be so ecstatic to vacuum my carpeted staircase. It is by far the hardest area of my home to vacuum. Our current vacuum is bulky and heavy and akward to carry up an L-shaped stairway. I NEED this vacuum. 🙂

  104. Jane marie

    My dream room would be a large walk in closet complete with a window for natural light, built-in storage units custom built to fit my clothes, jewelry, shoes, and a center island for laying out tomorrow’s outfit. Oh, and wallpapered if course! I might let my husband share it! I think the best feature of the Dyson is that it actually would have enough suction to work on hardwood floors. With my current hardwood vac, I think I could pick stuff up off the floor faster with my hands!

  105. Beth Holzapfel

    My ideal room would have to be a large, bright, cheerful laundry room and mud room combination with ample storage. I would love it to be painted a shade of aqua with yellow, white, and black accents. It would have enough room to always have my ironing board set up. It would have cubbies and hooks for my three boys coats, backpacks, shoes, and sports equipment. It would be a room that I enjoyed using because of its cheerful decor and organized space. A room where everything has a place and is easily put away.
    I would ove to have the cordless Dyson for our finished basement. The floors are a combination of painted concrete and area rugs. It is home to my husbands office, play room for kids, my craft room, and TV room for sports and movie night. My sons could have no excuse in helping vacuuming if they had a cordless, lightweight vacuum that could handle different surfaces as well as the steps and high up spots. I have a Dyson canister that I love but honestly I don’t’ love hauling it up and down those stairs.

  106. Karen

    My dream space has colors that I love and is clean and clutter-free. 24 minutes of cleaning time would hit the main rooms in my house – without having to set up and break down the Rainbow.

  107. Meghan

    We have two indoor dogs, 3 kids under age 5 and are in the process of completely renovating our 1962 ranch home. So I could basically vacuum all day every day and still not get it all! I have a full size Dyson and have been in want of a hand-held vacuum. This one sounds amazing! My dream space is currently in progress in our living room…tall bay windows overlooking our cherry tree, recently painted brick fireplace, built in bookshelves, just refinished hardwood floors…I need a couple comfy chairs/pillows and a good rug to finish it off!

  108. Sue

    Would love to be able to quickly grab a powerful but lightweight cordless vacuum to pick up after my husband, who seems to drop more food on the floor than the average toddler!

  109. Patsy

    I dream of a dander, seed-free room. I have birds in my livingroom and diningroom—they leave a lot of dander, little feathers and seeds all around them. A lightweight, cordless Dyson vacuum would sure come in handy to keep their mess at bay!

  110. Pam

    I would love this lightweight vacuum since I have some back issues!

  111. Ulu

    The Dyson DC59 would be perfect for our Great Room, except our Great Room isn’t so “great”. With 4 grandkids in the house, and a 5th on the way, time to clean comes and goes in a blink of an eye. The cordless, lightweight and long reach of the Dyson DC59 would make cleaning our ceilings much easier, and the grandkids will have no excuse to NOT clean all the food dropped under the dining table (the artistic work of Toddlers at mealtime). Dyson would help us transform our Great Room back INTO a GREAT ROOM!

    My dream space would be a wooden floor great room and kitchen with white quartz countertops and new cabinetry, topped off with our ugly black ceiling beams being repainted white to lighten the space so it feels easy and breezy along with grand new windows that lets the outside in! Wall color would be a fresh blue or green. 🙂

  112. Tracy Glascoe

    I dream of this vacuum every time I drag out my big heavy one. Always looking for ways to do things more quickly and efficientenly.

  113. Lori Murphy

    Pinning this down to just one room is so hard – I would like any room in my home to look like a magazine spread. But I work out of my home and my office / warehouse is in my basement; I spend most of my time there. Inspiring and organized would make me happy – not even a particular theme, just soothing without chaos and clutter would be a dream!

    I would have to say that the Hygienic bin emptying would be a favorite feature – there’s nothing worse than vacuuming just to have all the dust go flying through the air when you take the canister off the vacuum to empty it. But our home was built in the 70’s and although we’ve made updates – we haven’t been able to change the number of stairs and “levels” in the home. Having something lightweight and cordless (especially for the stairs) would be a dream and we could eliminate one of the heavier vacuums we have.

  114. pam clark

    My rooms are not wide open spaces, so the compact, cordless aspects are very appealing. I have a Dyson DC 40 and love it, but it is still a little bulky. Also, the cordless going up the stairs would be heaven!

  115. Kelly

    My dream room would have a spa feel with greens, blues, greys…recycled glass counter tops and a large rectangular sink in an upcycled buffet or dresser and an automatic kitty box 🙂 to have floors without kitty litter and cat fur tumbleweeds…I would love the Dyson cordless especially the fact that it is so light and portable.

  116. Cathy Z

    My dreams space is in a cabin that we close on next week! This vacuum and all it’s configs would be perfect.

  117. Sara B.

    I would love a home with dog and cat hair-free stairs and teenaged daughters who keep their rooms tidy. Who says boys are messier?

  118. Linda

    My dream room would be a sun porch. I have fantasized about one for years. I would fill it with wicker furniture and lots of fun fabric pillows. Of course if we are talking about a dream…it would over look the harbor on Nantucket. The Dyson cordless looks awesome and with all the vacuuming I do because of the dog my vacuum is always out and I have tripped over the stupid cord too many times to count! I would be thrilled to win one!

  119. Jacey

    What a great vacuum! My dream space is our bedroom–decorated, picked up, and not the “throw it all in there because I don’t know where to go with it” room.

  120. Christina

    My dream room is a preschooler boy bedroom with lots of space for large trucks and toys, a mirage of multi-sized stuffed animals that is able to look neat and clean, maybe a sea park theme. The vacuum would enable me not to have to stop and pull up rugs and move toys.

  121. mary

    my dream space is a couch without crumbs! and wouldn’t it be mind blowing to also have a car without crumbs?! this vacuum could easily help me achieve both!

  122. Debby

    DC59 would make my life so much easier. My Rottweiler sheds more hair than you can possibly imagine.

  123. Jamie

    Dream space: fur and clutter free. Vacuum helps with one, hollering at the hubby will have to do for the other.

  124. Marissa Wade

    My dream space would be our master bedroom! It would be painted a bold dark turquoise! I would have to get a new bed(of course) with a tufted headboard. The tv would be on the opposite wall and be framed by other photos or artwork. The tv would sit on a MCM dresser…. I could go on and on. 😉 I would use that vacuum for our master bath and esp on the stairs! We just got a puppy, a very fluffy puppy, lol.

  125. Kim

    My dream room is the combo kitchen/dining/living area in the little farmhouse we’re remodeling in the country, and my housekeeping dream is for that room to be devoid of cat hair! The motorhead would make that housekeeping dream come true :-).

  126. Judy

    My current dream room will be our finished basement laundry room with a heated tile floor, and bright natural light from the full- size window that looks out on the backyard where my four kids play. I can’t wait to paint it in the aqua/white/sandy/ beachy colors I love and find so restful. Or to have cabinet doors to hide all the laundry paraphernalia and a couple of pull-out drying racks over the washer and dryer–no more lost floor space! And a pretty place in which to do a chore I do not love. Maybe I’ll even hang a chandelier. We have a lot of work ahead of us to do this, but it’s going to be so worth it! 🙂

    Now the Dyson DC59 Motorhead looks amazing! We just started taking care of my baby nephew in the mornings and whoa! Who knew there were so many tiny bits of things on the floor! A quick run around with the Dyson in the mornings over our hardwoods and area rugs would make his world so much cleaner. Even my kids could manage it! And the best feature? Clean and easy dumping out the dust bin. Maybe the kids will want to do that too. Hope springs eternal!

    Thanks for the chance to win one, Kristie. It would be a big help around here.

  127. Linda

    What a great giveaway, thank you ! For me it is under the beds and behind furniture where you do not have to lug a heavy vacume around everything in a rm. Thank you Kristie

  128. Katie

    I gotta say, this post really has me wanting a hand-held Dyson vacuum. Ten minutes ago I didn’t know this product existed and now I’m convinced it’s the first thing we need to buy for our new house. What would I use it for? Well, my dream space which is soon to be my reality: Our house burned down last spring, unfortunately, but we’re scheduled to be in the rebuilt home within the next few weeks. It’s got matte white walls, wire-brushed brown oak floors and a white-on-white kitchen. Absolutely gorgeous… and an absolute cleaning nightmare! My new solution? An easy-to-use Dyson vacuum!

  129. Daphne

    My dream room is full of smartly organized shelves, a sewing table the right height and depth, a cutting table for fabric and crafts, space for my kids to clutter while we create that can be hidden with the flick of a curtain or sliding rustic door, and amazing lighting filtering through windows as well as task lighting for nights and cloudy days…ahhh! As for Dyson features…cordless and THREE times sucking power of other handhelds…that is perfection!

  130. Michelle

    A vacuum that is easier to maneuvar sounds amazing. You’re right. I was excited to have a central vac, but it’s a bit of a pain. The cord is always getting kinked and I can’t even do a full room without unplugging it and plugging it in somewhere else. Annoying. So, I swifter a lot, but that doesn’t help my carpeted stairs. My dream room would be an open concept living room that’s light and airy, with big travertine tiles and big windows that look out to a lake!

  131. Amy

    My goodness I want this vacuum! Had not heard of it until reading this post and now seriously thinking about buying one. Living in Florida my battle with sand on the floors is nonstop!

  132. Mel

    My dream room is really ANY space that has been thoughtfully and masterfully designed by The Decorologist. With Kristie’s help via e-consult, I’m in the process now of trying to transform the main living area of my home into a less cluttered, more calm and peaceful space. While I’ve been moving a bit slowly on this end, things are starting to really come together! I’m sure that once this dream space is completed, I will SURE to be more energized to tackle the least favorite chore in my house – vacuuming up dog fur, and all unidentifiable traces of “the outdoors” that my girls may bring home with them :o). THE BEST vacuum I’ve ever owned has been the Dyson Animal which has the best suction, and front and side openings – only downside was the weight and inability to quickly switch from floor to stairs without having to lug the base behind me :o( UGH!! If this new, improved, cordless, “dog-furminator!” Dyson really delivers on it promises – WOW!!! I will truly complete the “dream house” picture! Thank you Dyson and Kristie, for this wonderful blog, news of a better vacuum, and for the opportunity to enter this contest :o). God Bless.

  133. Amy A.

    The cordless feature sounds great, since I trip over my own feet, and having to work around a vacuum cleaner cord just ups the chances of tripping! I also would like to use this on the stairs, instead of having to sweep and back down the stairs (and take the chance of tripping again). Thanks for the chance to win the vacuum!

  134. Kim

    My dream room would be a mudroom/laundry room, with lots of storage. It would have white wainscoting, and above the wainscoting it would be painted a beautiful, peaceful blue. The cordless feature sounds great. I live in an old house, and in some rooms there is only 1 outlet. I also love that you can get under low furniture easily. There are too many dust bunnies escaping from my current vacuum.

  135. Jacqueline

    My dream is to have a living room and hallway without tiny little trails of something or other running through it (even though I’ve turned a bedroom into a playroom for him!), left by my sweet creative always-on-the-go toddler great grandson, even though it’s all worth it just having him around! My second dream would be to win one of these LIGHTWEIGHT Dyson vacuums because of my aforementioned … er … great grandmother (how’d that happen, when I’m just a kid myself???) status!

    Loved the opportunity to enter, and love your blog!


  136. Michelle B

    We have a central vac system which our kids too complain about. I would LOVE to take away all of their excuses of why they aren’t able to vacuum. Over tile, hardwood and carpets, and vacuum out my car all in one swipe -that would be a dream come true!

  137. Patrycja Chudziak

    My dream room would be a clutter free living room, with a beautiful sectional, a huge plush rug, big windows, a small coffee table and thats it! With a 5 yr old and his toy store of toys..my living room is more like FAO Schwartz lol. The feature I love the most is thats its cordless!!!!!

  138. Meryll Rose

    One lightweight tool to handle all the cleaning chores from floor to ceiling – and it’s lightweight? Sounds like a dream machine to me! And my dream room would be a crafting/sewing/decorating/office space – a place to play, write, design and create!

  139. Ann Ruggles

    I love the lightweight aspect of this machine; I could clean up high effectively in my dream living room decorated exactly as I imagine with comfortable, yet elegant furnishings, large windows and beautiful wood floors.

  140. Mary

    I would use this amazing vac in every room!!!! LOVE that it is so light!

  141. Vicki Barber

    Love how you can take it from the stairs to your car. Everyone loves easy peasy!

  142. Natalie A

    My dream room is one that is cleaned by my children. The Dyson’s power cleaning across hardwood floors that is lightweight with no cord could make this dream possible!!!

  143. Melissa Raines

    Cordless, lightweight, super powerful=dream come true for any room but especially those pesky, carpeted stairs. Could use it everyday after a teenage son travels those stairs…not to mention the two cutest dogs that you have ever seen!

  144. Kimberly

    Our only vacuum has been a Tristar canister that we’ve had for almost 20 years. Every time we consider buying something else, it’s always a Dyson, but we just never take the plunge. I’d LOVE to have this one for upstairs (the kid’s rooms!) instead of having to lug the canister up and down stairs. And to finally have some Dyson experience so that I can more confidently replace the only one we’ve ever known. As far as dream spaces, right now I’m working on built-in bookcases in my living room because I love built-ins!

  145. Jeannie casey

    I would use this in on my new marble bathroom floor and hall stairs. I love how it could get in the corners around the claw foot tub.

  146. M H

    I don’t have a vacuum cleaner. I just use sticky tape to get my loose hair off the carpet. I seem to move every year, so I get a newly cleaned carpet each time. I could really use this vacuum.

  147. Krista

    My dream room wood be a bonus room with two large couches and lots of big pillows for the teens in my house to lay around on and watch movies. A pool table and a card table as well. Plush carpet to encourage leaving the shoes downstairs. I want a room full of happy teens. The dyson would make cleaning up after them a a breese- cordless- goes under furniture- easy empty and easy to hang up in the closet for easy and quick clean ups. The dyson would make the dream complete!!

  148. Denise

    My dream space is comfortable, beautiful and a soothing place to be because it has been professionally decorated! The cordless Dyson DC59 would be easy to grab and clean all the floors in one charge.

  149. Jan Jentzen

    My dream room is a small, cozy great room in a cabin. I like that the DC 59 is lightweight and that it will clean many surfaces.

  150. J. Fisher

    When we finish redoing our master bedroom with my grandmother’s carved canopy “rice-bed”, bed drapes, window treatments over the current wooden blinds, antique lamps, and an area rug on the wood floor, I’ll need a cordless vacuum like the Dyson to dust and do the floors efficiently!

  151. Suzanne W

    I may be too late here, but just found you through Make + Model’s blog…
    I *need* this vacuum. With 3 kids, a husband and a dog – none of whom do much cleaning, this might actually be a fun way to get them to help me keep the house clean! My dream space is to renovate my bedroom/bathroom…its in a weird location in our 1961 ranch (down in the lower level), and has no style whatsoever. This vacuum on the other hand would be wonderful in the living space upstairs (the main house) where its flexibilty and cordlessness would work cleaning magic, especially in the kitchen and living room (I must sweep the kitchen area 3 x per day!). Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  152. Cindy C

    My dream room is a family room that looks good even when there are 5 children scattered around working on various homeschool projects! (Was I supposed to be realistic? 😉

  153. S

    Dream space? My bedroom… Clean, simple, but cozy with a warm rug for the bare floor in winter.
    This Dyson sounds amazing! I’m liking the lightweight aspect (we have stairs and rugs/ hardwood throughout our house), and the cordless would be so handy with messy little eaters. 🙂

  154. Judy

    Oh my goodness, I love the easy way it empties! Mine always expells everything I just picked up right back at me! I’ve always wanted something that would vac UNDER my kitchen cabinets.

  155. Lisa Loeppy

    Thanks for all your inspiration Kristie! You are amazing! My Dream space is airy, light and cheerful. White and creams and soft buttery yellow with accents of a soft blue. This dyson looks amazing. It would help me do quick cleanups after the kids’ movie night and double duty for staging jobs when I need to clean up any surface!

  156. Susan Lewis

    All I want is a room somewhere……wait, that’s Eliza Dolittle. My dream room is a place with a little loveseat and tv where I can knit and watch all the trashy shows that I want to watch!!!!

  157. Wendy

    Upstairs, downstairs, upstairs again. This is why it would be wonderful to win a lightweight, yet powerful vac!

  158. jane

    I recently purchased a very open concept home with an exposed stairwell and tall ceilings. Although it is bright, open and airy, any speck of dust is now visible from many more viewpoints. Since I have back trouble I find it difficult to vacuum the carpeted stairs, and have not even attempted to dust the high ceiling fan. My new home is truly my haven, but cleaning it with the new Dyson will make it a cozier and healthier place for my family and guests. Thank you, Dyson engineers, for making the task of house cleaning a dream-come-true!

  159. Pam

    My dream space is a newly renovated kitchen with white cabinets and updated paint on the walls. I have two sets of steps and could definitely use the Dyson DC 59. I love that is light weight and easy on the back.

  160. Doreen

    My dream space would be a sitting area to curl up and read as well as enjoy the view of the seasons changing in New England. And of course, it would have to have a fabulous window to gaze out of. Thanks for all your fabulous posts Kristie. I share them with my daughter who is a Senior at High Point University majoring in Interior Design. She loves our chats about your posts and what my thoughts are. Having this lightweight Dyson DC59 cordless vacuum would make my life (and my mom’s) so much easier. Despite my arguments for her to sit back and relax, my 87 year old mother (who lives with me) insists on pulling out the vacuum to “help out” despite her bad back and not to mention her age. Having this lightweight Dyson DC59 cordless vacuum would be a dream come true!.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Doreen – how fun to know my posts are topics of conversation with you and your daughter!!! 🙂 Good luck!

  161. Carolyn

    My dream room would be dustless, clean, organized and well decorated! The Dyson DC59 Motorhead CORDLESS vacuum would help me keep that room clean and dustless by its ease of use, light weight and cordless portability. It sounds like a vacuum made in heaven!

  162. Katie

    My dream space would be fresh, yet cozy family room. Durable enough for kids, yet sophicated enough for adults! I would love the Dyson to keep it tidy!!

  163. Celia Turner

    My dream room is very open with hardwood floors and lots of light…sparkling windows and
    beautiful reflections all around. I don’t even care if there’s furniture~ Well, maybe a comfy sofa
    in the corner with lots of pillows and a small table for coffee. No dust, no dog hair, no cobwebs…
    nothing to distract. It would be so peaceful without dust:)

  164. Lori Pruitt

    My dream space would be free of the never ending fuzz balls that come off of my Moroccan shag rug! I have lug out the vacuum and the broom to tackle all the fuzz bunnies! It would be great to have one lightweight machine that goes from rug to hardwood seamlessly AND effortlessly!

  165. Nancy

    I would really love the light weight and not having to haul my monster machine all over. The cordless aspect would be great too.

    My dream space is an all white bedroom.

  166. Alissa

    My dream space is a large white airy kitchen with a waterfall countertop that opens to a comfortable but beautiful family room. Hopefully one day I’ll get this room and a vacuum too. This is embarrassing, but we currently only have a mini hand-held vacuum and when I use it, I can barely stand up straight afterwards from hours of crawling around on the floor. The DC59 Motorhead would be lifechanging for me!

  167. Diane

    Right now I would like to get my family room remodeled with new furniture, floors, and paint. We can’t seem to find comfortable furniture, but I sure would appreciate the Dyson DC59 vacuum. I use the bottom line Dirt Level on my carpeted floors and drag around a self made cordless hose hooked up to an old shop vac in the basement for the hardwood and vinyl ones. We have 2 stairwells with 7 steps to drag the Eureka up and down. With many physical challenges in our family, this unique cordless vacuum would be such a help.


  168. Sandra

    Ooh!!! me want pretty vacuum!!!

  169. Marcey

    I have a dyson that my hubby bought for me a two years ago for Christmas and I LOVE IT! I especially like how easily is transitions from hardwood to carpet to hardwood…then over the rug on the hardwood! LOL!

    It does have it’s disadvantages though, being a plug-in…and it can be heavy still, even though it’s tons lighter than a regular vacuum. So, I guess I don’t have a “dream room”, but I’ve been eyeing this exact model at Costco, because I could really use it for the stair! Right now, vacuuming the stairs is my hubby’s job, cause the vacuum is just too heavy and cumbersome for me to manage.

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have this Dyson for the stairs…and my car too. I imagine it would make my husband happy too, since it would relieve him of one of his “honey-dos”. Ha!

  170. Connie K.

    My dream bedroom would have board and batten walls in white topped by either navy or red-purple to showcase blue and white transfer ware. The flooring would be a medium brown wood covered by a blue and white oriental rug. I have traditional-style furniture in cherry and mahogany and a white easy chair with hassock. I would add sheer white curtains and a creamy bedspread with patterned throw pillows.

    Since I have 3 floors, 2 staircases and a combination of carpeting and hardwood, a lightweight and cordless Dyson DC59 would be appreciated by my aching back and knees.

  171. Kathy C.

    How do I Need Thee?
    (Sonnet 1, Songs of the Unsatisfied)

    How I need the Dyson? Let me count the ways.
    I need thee for the depth and breadth and reach
    Of my old house to sweep, when feeling out of sorts,
    For the end of dust and dirt and fluff.
    I need thee to the level of every step’s
    Most deep corner, by sun and candlelight.
    I need thee freely, as women strive to clean.
    I need thee desperately, for cat fur and dust bunnies
    That collect in forgotten corners.
    I need thee with a need I seem to lose
    With childhood’s faith in vacuums past,
    That roar and growl and spit and tangle, and break my heart
    Oh Gracious Destiny! if sent to me,
    Of all my life, I shall but love thee better, and never part.

  172. Rachel

    My Dream Space would be my own, large, white photo studio, with giant windows. Great mid-century modern white furniture, and nice clean white floors. Which, of course, a Dyson would help with. ; )

    But, mostly for now, I would LOVE the Motorhead for the house— the living room shag rug sheds tremendously. I am surprised it isn’t threadbare, given how much wool has come off it, but you can’t even tell. Features I love…. the cordlessness, the easy-empty canister, all the 5 star reviews about how much dust it picks up… I dunno– it seems pretty fantastic!

  173. Kathleen

    I wold LOVE the Dyson Motörhead to get around our sea of table/chair legs and behind and under our floating sofas. Love my Dyson Animal but often need something lighter that gives me more freedom of movement.

  174. Jennifer

    I would love the Dyson DC59 Motorhead cordless vacuum for my craft room. With all the glittler, thread, beads, fabric and paper scraps, I need a vacuum that SUCKS… in a good way. Some day I want a craft room with lots of windows and a wall of bookcases, but for now I am happy to have a tiny room in the basement to call my very own.

  175. Debbie

    My dream room is a dining room with the whole family sitting around it! We have some carpet and some hard floors, sounds like it would be perfect! Thanks!

  176. Raeann

    My Family is currently living in our horse barn that is a wopping 750 square feet. We have been living there for a year and no end in sight. My dream room would be a fabulous kitchen and sitting combination room that is inviting and very livable in a house instead of a barn. The Dyson would be so great to keep up with the animal hair and dirt that is inherit in living on a working ranch

  177. Erica

    my dream is a lighweight vaccum to not drag up and down the stairs.

  178. Debra

    This dream machine would help me clean dog fur off of every surface where it (mysteriously) appears!!

  179. melinda

    My dream room would be a family room seperate from our formal space (so I can *maybe* keep 1 room clean). The ability to shorten the handle would make this FANTASTIC on the stairs to our basement, i.e. where our puppy keeps knocking food. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  180. Rose

    My dream space is a wraparound porch looking out at a body of water, preferably the ocean. The space I would love to have the Dyson is my stairs, anybody else HATE doing stairs?

  181. Sarah

    Our home is my dream space…I love every room! BUT, the gorgeous walnut floors with their 50 year finish drive me crazy trying to keep them looking beautiful, especially with the sun streaming in the large and open windows. I avoid dragging my big tank vacuum around, dubbed the “dead hog”, until the dust bunnies start biting! This Dyson, with its lightweight and cordless features, would allow me to whisk through more frequently, thus avoiding all those annoying little dust bunny bites!

  182. Elizabeth

    I am wanting to clear off the floor of my small walk-in closet so I can use it for my own personal mini yoga- practice room! The DC59 Motorhead would be perfect for that small space because of its slim design. I could store it in a corner of the closet where it would be out of the way but handy when I needed it, not only for the closet, but also for the adjoining tile bathroom floor.

  183. Elizabeth

    I am wanting to clear off the floor of my small walk in closet so I can use the space for my own personal yoga-practice “studio”. The DC 59 Motorhead would be perfect for that small space because of its slim design. I could keep it propped in a corner where it would be out of the way but handy to use, not only for the closet, but also the adjoining bathroom tile floor.

  184. Lori Fagerquist

    My dream room has a deep, luxurious sofa, a good music source and lots of lamps with low lighting.I need the Dyson to pick up the white cat hair on my dark wood floors.

  185. Jil Sonia Interiors

    Wow – never thought I’d say this but – What a gorgeous vacuum! Hot pink is one of my fav colours. What not have a colourful vacuum?
    As someone who has arthritis in my hands, I love the idea that it’s lightweight AND love the feature that it’s easy to empty the bin – just push the button and you’re done.
    Fingers crossed!!

  186. Lia

    I too had not heard of this type of Dyson before this posting and am now totally wanting it! Our house has lots of hardwood floors and rugs and carpets. And stairs. And two messy kids. I currently use two different vacuums for the hardwood floors and rugs and the carpet, but this would do it all, and probably do it a whole lot better!

  187. AppleHillCottage

    Right now I’m cleaning the back basement with a clunky shop vac and safety glasses. You know those basements with rafters and cobwebby pipes? Ugh! Sure. Could use a light weight overhead cobweb sweeper!

  188. Lori

    My dream house can be picked up and shook out to clean! In the meantime, the days on cordless vacuum sure would help clean the AZ dust off my floors both tiled and carpeted!

  189. Jane

    love to win this vac for my daughter (not a little girl, or a teen, but married and without a vac), so she can vac up the dog hairs from her two labs (Paigow and Gracie), so her 8 month old Madison, newly crawling, won’t be covered in black and yellow! Love the site, so glad to find it on the Fall Tour!

  190. Brenda Webb

    My dream space would be my master bedroom suite with easy clean (our dog also sleeps there) floors! Part carpet and part tile.

  191. Chris Dehart

    My dreamspace is my bedroom lol that’s where all the dreams happen in my bed. I like that the DC59 sucks up as much dust as a corded vacuum, cdehart1985 at live dot com

  192. Karen Hattan

    I am going to bed dreaming about the Dyson DC59 Motorhead cordless vacuum!!!!! In my dream there is a vast empty room COVERED in dog hair and mud clods from boys’ shoes. I need to get this room clean so I can stage it! Oh wait, is this a dream ….???? If only I had the Dyson DC59 Motorhead to save the day! 😉

    • Kristie Barnett

      You are cracking me up, Karen. Now get to bed!!

  193. managersam

    My vacuum is not fun for vacuuming the stairs. Could it be because it’s about 35 or maybe 40 years old? Yep I definitely could use this vacuum.

  194. Toni

    My dream room is really an outdoor space. I would love to expand our deck and put a system underneath to make that area dry when it rains. That lovely Dyson would help me keep all the dirt two girls and a dog bring into the house at bay.

  195. Jennifer

    My dream space would be a closet with built in storage and laundry that was always neat and folded…but until then, I would settle for clean stairs and the Dyson DC59 Motorhead CORDLESS vacuum would make it so simple to achieve. Vacuuming my stairs would no longer be a death defying act for me.

  196. erin

    Come oooon Dyson! My dream room is flooded with sunlight and has NO pet hair on the floor or floating around in the sunbeams ! My vacuum is so old and heavy, its like dragging around a dead pig, and I would love the new Dyson cordless for everyday cleaning and the occasional cobweb and threads etc in my sewing room.

  197. Marina

    I love my downstairs hideaway bedrooms…sometimes I go down there and hang out escaping from the world and just revel in the calmness. So the feature I would like most about the Dyson is the fact I can take it easily up and down stairs unlike my current vacuum. Sounds silly to escape in your own home but sometimes I sure need it 🙂

  198. Dana

    The Dyson DC59 would be great to have in my new home. We just purchased a home with 9+ feet ceiling height! The former owner wasn’t much on keeping the cobwebs dusted. This Dyson looks so easy to use especially since it is so lightweight, I bet I could just go around so effortlessly with it and sweep them all away. I also would love to use it on the staircases in this home instead of lugging my old vacuum on the steps, which makes me cringe from fear of falling.
    My dream room is my new hobby room. This home allows me to have my own woman cave where I can sew, work on crafts, work on my genealogy, etc. I can finally organize things and also have the ability to leave something out and just go back to it without the fear of it being touch and moved by anyone else.
    It may not sound very dreamy, but after 37 years I have a place to call mine and only mine. I plan on purchasing some more old mason jars, etc. and decorate using some of my girls little things that I have saved like all the thousand Barbie shoes that would look great all stuffed in one jar, etc.
    I love your blog and look forward to each and every post for more fun ideas from you.

  199. Toni

    My dream room would have lots of windows and sunlight AND be clean and free of pet hair floating thru the sunbeams – THANKS to this miracle Dyson. Thank You!

  200. Elaine

    French country, light, airy, clean, with hardwood floors. The vacuum would be a perfect fit, lightweight and cordless.

  201. Rachel DeHart

    My dream space is my kitchen. I love that the dyson stick vac is powerful for being so light and I like the charger that goes on the wall.

  202. Becky Dimino

    My dream space would be a gigantic kitchen with adjoining eating area large enough to hold an 8′ farmhouse table with antiqued turquoise scroll legs. My Dyson DC59 Motörhead cordless vacum is for hardwood, tile and vacuuming area rugs as well as stairway carpet. Oh, to dream of a lightweight cordless vacum that really pick sip and does the job!!!

  203. Kay Kennedy

    My dream is to be able to vacuum without the pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  204. shayna

    Oh my dream room soo many dreams so little time to type! My number one would be the kitchen! I would love clean white walls and soft turquoise cabinets with a black glaze, matching appliances speckled grey counter tops, deeply stained wide plank floors and a rustic farmers table with bench seating and unique lighting. The feature that I would love is the versatility! I have hardwood linoleum and carpeting two kids and a dog that sheds for days!

  205. Kay Kennedy

    Hmm, didn’t see my comment post so trying again. My dream is to be able to vacuum without the pain caused by my RA and heavy vacuums. Possible?

  206. Sara Backstrom

    My dream space is a well-organized, spic-and-span clothes closet. I love that the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is cordless. I’m always wresting with the cord when I vacuum.

  207. Cheryl B

    My dream room is my kitchen where I love to cook and bake. Hubby loves to eat it all but he swoops in after me to clean up the tornadic mess I leave behind. Flour and crumbs and vegetable bits on the floor. This powerful Dyson isn’t even going to blink as it cleans up the mess. Hubby will be ecstatic that it’s cordless, lightweight and powerful. I can already imagine the tug-of-wars as we fight over who gets to clean the floors!

  208. Carol Clark

    That Dyson looks like just ticket! I love that it is cordless — that is so great on stairs!

  209. Katherine

    We just moved into a house that has been vacant for a long time.
    It has tile, hardwood and a bit of carpet. We have area rugs too. The whole house is really my dream space. I love that the Dyson is cordless and can I can get all those spiders up high!!

  210. jeannette

    Ok, Kristie, your latest post about this awesome vacuum and plea to win it have won me over. Here’s my entry. I know Dyson products are the best for many reasons, but the one aspect of this vac is its weight. It also has a high handle which would be awesome for me. Currently I don’t do the vacuuming in our home because of my neck and back issues from the accident. So I’m sure my hubby would appreciate this apparatus in our home so I can resume those duties. This is what we’d call a “win-win” situation.

  211. Kelly

    Oh my, I am crossing my fingers to win this one! I have two boys and a lab that sheds..need I say more? This would be such an upgrade in my home with carpet everywhere! Thanks!,,

  212. Rita Shaw

    We have the bigger Dyson at home. Its great.This is my second one. Could sure use one at my office.When you own your own business you can bring your big, hairy, lovable mutt to work.So we have an office dog.Problem is that Cocoa sheds as much hair at the office as she does at home.

  213. Tara Jones

    This is perfect! Small and agile enough to let me zoom around the house and clean carpets, moldings, stairs, selves whatever I need quickly and with a single device! To have dus on power behind it is the difference I’ll expect! So cool

  214. Tamara Harris

    This would be most useful to me in my car. Seems like I need a car wash every day not because the outside is dirty but because my kids find every nook and cranny and deposit trash!

  215. Sharon

    It would be most useful to me for cleaning the high pile rugs in the family room and the play area. Very helpful for the tile floors in between floor washing and a real life saver for sucking dog hair from the sofas. Dear Dyson DC59 Motorhead, I’m head over heels about you.

  216. Lynne Phelps

    I love my home! I have diagonally laid terra cotta ceramic tile throughout which has been so great for my allergies and asthma. However my two cats make keeping up those floors a real challenge! The DC59 Motörhead looks like just the ticket, as I too hate hauling around the central vaccuum hose!

  217. Kathy

    I’ve been wondering–so who won the vacuum? I was hoping my sonnet would be unique enough for it!

  218. yoshica

    Cordless, light weight and multi functional design – I am glad somebody finally thought of this. Being able to vacuum the walls, furniture and floors would be a dream come true for me and impossible to do with an upright and that pesky cord


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