3 Things You Desperately Need To Know To Sell Your Home

Last week, a lovely lady sent me a desperate email.  Attempting to update her home before putting it on the market, she was sitting in a pile of granite and hardwood samples and was completely overwhelmed.


When I arrived at her home, she showed me her favorite hardwood sample – although the small sample looked nice, I knew that when it covered the entire floor it would read orangy-red.  Orangy-red undertones DON’T SELL in today’s market.


Then she showed me her granite samples.  She believed that granite with black in it would be popular, so she chose several variations of that.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have any black in the entire kitchen – nothing to tie the black in to the existing elements.   On top of that, the granite samples she chose were very busy – with lots of colors and busy veining.  That kind of  granite doesn’t appeal to every buyer, and comes across as too personalized.  Busy, overly-veiny granite DOESN’T SELL in today’s market.



When she showed me through her home, she told me she was repainting the walls in the same color they were currently painted.  Hmmm.  I had to explain that her yellow walls with a heavy peach undertone would be perceived as dated by potential buyers, and that she had an opportunity to change the paint to an updated neutral that would make the house feel brand new.  Peachy-yellow DOESN’T SELL in today’s market.



During our visit, the lovely lady learned what sells and what doesn’t sell in today’s market.  Now she doesn’t have to guess what buyers want or don’t want, she really knows!

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8 thoughts on “3 Things You Desperately Need To Know To Sell Your Home

  1. Jamie says:

    I want those hardwood floors in the second picture! Now, we just have to sell OUR house so I can work on that 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    I agree with Jamie about those floors. Will you help me remember these when it is our floors’ turn to get some attention.

  3. Ragan says:

    It’s very smart for home owners to seek professional decorating advice before putting their home on the market. If they wait until after it’s put on the market and it doesn’t sell, the selling price has to be continuously lowered.

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