The 6 Components of a Beautiful Bedroom Design

I’ve finished up several master bedroom designs lately here in Nashville, and I’m excited to share this one with you today.  Excited because it’s stinkin’ beautiful, and excited because it illustrates six components of a beautiful bedroom design.  

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The Decorologist – Nashville Interior Design

First of all, it’s important to note that no significant furnishings were purchased for this bedroom design. Several things were pulled from other rooms of the house – your own home is a great place to shop!  This is where we began:




Below is the after of the completed room. I’m totally in love with it, and I’m pretty sure my client is, too!

decorologist designer bedroom

bedroom after


1.  The Right Paint Colors

The first thing we had to do in this space was to choose the right paint color for the room. Unless you start with amazing bedding, window treatments, or rug – which we did not – starting with the right paint color for you will insure that you LOVE your space (and not just because it “matches” your rug).


2. Symmetrical Furniture Placement

Every room needs a sense of balance – arranging your furniture and art in such a way that it compliments the architecture, rather than competes with it, can make your space feel “just right.”


3. Beautiful Bedding

Beautiful bedding does not have to be custom!  Why not mix a few different sets of bedding to create a custom look?


4. Great Window Treatments

Again, you don’t have to go custom – but you have to know where to shop for ready-mades that look custom.  I knew where to go, and that ‘s why these window treatments look so fabulous!


5.  Cozy Place to Sit and Read

By moving a comfortable chair from another room into her bedroom, now there’s a reason to hang out in the room during the day.


6.  Spectacular Lighting

I can’t take credit for the hanging light fixture because it was already here – but is it fabulous, or what?  Sooo much better than a ceiling fan!


Ok, here are a few more before-and-afters:





We moved a rug from another room in my client’s home.  The curtain rods are West Elm. 

designer bedroom
















designer bedding



The lamps are new – we found the perfect pair from HomeGoods




What’s your favorite component in this bedroom makeover?  

Ok, so here’s something new:  because I am inundated with requests for specific paint colors by blog readers, we have decided to offer my readers access to paint colors I specify for before-and-afters featured on the blog for a small fee of $25.  


get any paint color you want!


For that price, you can purchase the paint color name, brand, and finish you see featured in a given blogpost, along with the complimenting trim color.  Just contact my assistant ([email protected]) and let her know what paint colors you are wanting to know and she’ll take care of you!

Remember the holiday preview event at the Southern Living Idea House I attended a couple of weeks ago?  The Tennessean picked up my story, and it was featured in the Style section of the Saturday paper – here’s the online version of the article (the print version featured multiple photographs that I took that night).  Please “like” it or “share” if you check it out.



  1. Sheila @sZinteriors

    This is a beautiful makeover, Kristie! I looooove the new lamps!!


    I love the transformation Kristie! I too get inundated with specific questions about paint colors and started offering the same service for that reason. There is no reason to make a wrong choice with paint when services like these are available! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Hey Luci,
      Are you attending the RESA convention in January? I’d love to meet you there!

  3. Francie Likis

    This is such a beautiful room, Kristie! And I really like how you are now offering the blog readers an option to get the information about paint colors you used. The fee respects the value of your expertise and the fact that the homeowner paid for it, while giving all blog readers the ability to get the information. Win-win!

  4. Maria

    Beautiful transformation, Kristie. You’ve created such a serene and polished look. I’m so looking forward to my consultation with you and hope you can work some of your magic in my space! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Kelly

    I love the wall color but I think it is the window treatments that warm up the whole room. Great job!

  6. Susanne

    Absolutely beautiful bedroom make over. So peaceful. Oh an those great big windows in that bedroom! AHH Love them an the draperies are gorgeous. I totally agree about the “spectacular” lighting in the bedroom. I swear when those hot flashes hit you just can’t help but cave and get that ceiling fan. UGG!

  7. jodi seaton

    I like the blend of colors – how the rug anchors the room and pieces and with he comfy chair it has a feeling of a living room, or room to live in! Also, love the glass lamps.

  8. lizbelle

    Why wouldn’t you just post the name of the wall color of the bedroom in your blog?

    • Kristie Barnett

      Because this is what I do for a living. I give away tons of information and advice for free on this blog, but a girl has to make a living – just like you do.

  9. Paula Van Hoogen

    Good for you, Kristie–God is good….keeping you busy using your gifts and talents!
    Thankful for having met you and to be part of seeing you express reflections of His beauty in people’s homes! Good Interior design does change behaviors and the sense of “home” that we all so need in these days…..
    My favorite thing here, besides the colors, etc. are the drapes! How amazing it is that fabric at the windows creates a feeling of warmth and protective coziness like a beautiful sweater!

    Happy Thanksgiving Kristie to you & your family.

  10. Nahla

    Love the new offer you’ve added, and the price is very reasonable 🙂

  11. Beth Lester

    I love the combination of the rug, walls & window treatments! Do you mind sharing where you got the curtains?

    • Kristie Barnett

      They are from a local retailer in Nashville, not a national chain.

  12. MarySue

    You hit a home run – again! What really amazes is me is how, in the initial pair of before and after shots, the room actually looks BIGGER after the re-do! Just beautiful!

  13. Katie

    Love this makeover! Thank you!

  14. babar cheema

    Thanks for your information. i am read your article i am very impressive.


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