My Closet Makeover Reveal

Many of you know that my life was recently changed for the better after working with our new Professional Organizer at The Decorologist, Shelley.  She found a way for me to convert my cramped master-closet-for-two into my own personal wonderland!

 An Organized Closet


In order to make this happen, we moved an armoire from another room into my bedroom, painted it to match the other that was already in the room, then promptly moved Mr. Man into his “new” personal closet.  There is a matching armoire on the other side of the bed that holds my coats and dresses, as well as our bed linens.   You can see that transformation of this room here.  


I was inspired by this gorgeous wallpaper, and definitely wanted to use something like it in the closet.  However, it was cedar-lined and I decided not to go to the expense of ripping it out and drywalling it. 


I don’t have any true “before” photos of when my husband shared the closet and it was packed full.  I suppose I really didn’t imagine there was much we could do to improve it’s appearance at the time, so I gave no thought to taking a “before” shot!   Here’s a photo I took after Mr. Man moved out and I had already pulled out some crazy mismatched storage pieces.  I had installed the pegboard a few years ago and used it to pile belts, scarves, and hats on – it was horrible.  Notice the water stains on the old cedar and the ugly gray pipe.

Ugly Closet Before

My side of the closet with a single rod and junky organizational units below.  At this point, our Professional Organizer helped me go through my belongings and PURGE.  I think I got rid of at least 60% of my clothes.  The great thing about The Decorologist Organizer is that she understands that many of us need a beautiful, personalized space in order for us to care enough about keeping it organized.   There’s not a lot to care about here:


But now that has completely changed!  Putting away my clothes has become a JOY rather than a CHORE.   Ready for the “afters” of my quirky, highly-personalized, and very organized new closet?   Here’s the entry – I can actually walk into the closet and get completely dressed without bumping into things!   The cedar walls were painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, so no sanding or priming was required!  I hung a gilt mirror so I can check myself out after I’m dressed, and we painted a stool the same color as the walls that I can stand on to reach the highest shelves.

annie sloan chalk paint


This is the right side of the closet where all my hanging clothes hang.  We lifted the upper rod and added a lower rod so that the hanging space is virtually doubled.  I’m using all velvet hangers in shades of lavender and pink, except for the clear hangers with clips that I’m using for skirts below.  No more wire coat hangers!  Or plastic ones, for that matter.


My tops are organized by color – not in true Roy G. Biv order, but in a way that makes sense to me.  Now I know exactly where to find any shirt in an instant.


I bought beautiful wallpaper in a lavender damask from Kirkland Floor to Ceiling in Franklin, TN and used spray mount to apply it to all the wood shelves.


We installed some L-shaped shelving in the top of the closet to better-use some previously wasted space.


You can see the wallpapered shelves below.  We hung a vintage tole chandelier on a chain – there used to be a bare bulb that screwed into the wall.


Here is the other side of the closet before the makeover.  A pair of rods had previously hung in front of these shelves, so the shelf space had only been useful for long-term storage.  This was formerly Mr. Man’s side of the closet.


How things have changed!  See how happy Mr. Man was to install my painted pegboard for hanging my jewelry?  There’s nothing hotter than a good man at work!


Mr. Man Hard at Work


I love all the new baskets and boxes we found to organize my stuff!  Most of this came from HomeGoods.


The Decorologist Organizer helped me determine what  exactly I needed based on what I had:   scarves, legwear, purses, swimsuits, belts, etc.  We even labeled them with cute tags from Michaels.

Boxes and Baskets from HomeGoods


Shelley even found this cool doo-hickey that holds my outfit for the next day, then folds back up against the wall when not in use.


Now for the shoes.  One glance and I can find the perfect shoe color and heel height.  I never thought about facing one in and one out like this, but it makes sense!

closet makeover


This closet makeover has truly changed my life – I can’t tell you how much time I save choosing an outfit for any occasion.  And getting dressed is fun now, because everything in my closet fits and looks good on me.  It’s hard to believe it took me this long to get rid of so many ill-fitting, space-hogging pieces.  If you live in the Nashville area and are ready to change your life with personal organization that fits your design style, contact me today to schedule your appointment with a Decorologist Organizer.

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24 thoughts on “My Closet Makeover Reveal

  1. Maryann Interior Salvage says:

    I really love the pegboard idea and that you chose such a fun color! I just finished a girly closet makeover myself and may have to incorporate some of your great ideas. I’m still searching for lighting and love, love, love the vintage chandelier. So nicely done!


  2. Dana Tucker says:

    What an amazing makeover! Love the color. I am totally stealing the idea of one shoe in and one shoe out. Need to update the lighting in our closet too. I can’t see a thing. That is a pretty easy fix that I keep neglecting. Nice job.

  3. [email protected] says:

    Oh I love your makeover closet. Sure genius to put the wallpaper under the shelves. I love the picture of your husband helping with putting the do dads for the jewelry, classic. Great job!

  4. Lisa says:

    Your closet looks so beautiful. I love the colors you chose. I’m going to have look into getting that doohickey that folds down for the next day’s clothes. That’s such a great idea.

  5. Cindi says:

    OK, please come out here and do my closet! It’s plenty big, but SO not organized! 🙂 I LOVE YOURS, congratulations girl —-

  6. joy says:

    good for you! every girl needs a closet of her own and one she loves to get into...let me see what I can do for mine...yes, the light, the pegboard..

  7. Susanne says:

    So funny at one time plastic were hangars all the this is the second time I’ve heard NO PLASTIC HANGERS. Yikes, I’m in I even invested in the ones that have 3 key non slip surfaces. I love the doo hickey for the next day, because I’m one to always “set up” the night before and my color coding of everything helps facilitiate this compulssion…lol.. Of course just as everyone has already mentioned so many lovely colors and details. I think one of the best new ideas is the way your shoes are arranged. I have mine categorized by by season and color, but I love how your “organizer” arranged them with one toe facing out and one heel doing the same. Very clever. Now, I just need a large closet. My beloved really doesn’t need an office, does he? More laughter.

  8. [email protected] decor says:

    I was just thinking about your closet yesterday as I was in my bathroom getting ready…I stopped working on my bathroom when I got my store in an overnight decision….but I want to finish it off, and really all I have left to do is organize the closets in there! Yours is a dream of space in that you used every inch and made it pretty!! I need to do more purging too…thanks for inspiring me! Love the Annie Sloan colors you chose too~

  9. Lisa says:

    It looks fantastic and so organized, Kristie! I love all the storage baskets, shoe shelving and pegboard repurposed for your jewelry. And the color!!! If ever there was an incentive for people to paint their closet a happy color, this is it. Enjoy it and thanks for sharing all these fabulous ideas.

  10. Karina says:

    I love it! What a transformation!! I am curious what you thought of the Annie Sloan paint. Did you apply the wax to the walls too? One coat of paint? Did the paint have an odor when you were applying it?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Next to no odor! And I was in a tiny space. 2 coats and a light coat of clear wax. I’m really happy with it – I also painted the unfinished wood pegboard and my hard plastic stool in the same paint/color.

  11. kelly says:

    Love it! Love your color choice. So smart to hang the shelves up above. First time I saw Mr. Man! And I love your two pocketbooks in the picture with the mirror! Fabulous! Great job Kristie.

  12. Sheila Zeller says:

    Love – L. O. V. E. – LOVE it!!! Incredible, Kristie. It’s just awesome, and I can totally see how getting dressed would be a dream, now 🙂 My take-away from this project are the little tags from Michaels. What a great idea – I never thought to implement tags that hang, and they are exactly what I need for the baskets I’m currently using. Thank you for that!!! Oh, and the shoes tip, too… the one in, one out tip. Genius idea!

  13. Linda says:

    Looks like it was lot of work Kristie but what a difference and SO worth it for sure! I lived with “bad” closets for most of my life until 6 years ago when we did a closet teck installation. Like you, it changed my life. Congratulations for a beautiful job it looks just beautiful.

  14. Holly says:

    It’s pretty and so nicely organized. I had a big walk-in closet in my old apartment and I miss it so much. We live in an older home now and the closet space is just not up to par. Enjoy your pretty new closet! And love Mr. Man chipping in to help out.

  15. Donna McBroom-Theriot says:

    Beautiful closet. I figured out the one in/one out with shoes a long time ago! Do you realize that by doing that you can store MORE shoes? 🙂 (Big big smile here – lol)

  16. Lorraine says:

    This looks beautiful and very well thought-out. But you painted over cedar? It might not be pretty but it really works to keep your clothes fresh and moth-free. I love the wallpaper on the undersides of the shelves!

  17. Chris says:

    What a great closet transformation!  I'd love to know where I can buy the next-day doohicky hanger.  I'd love to install one somewhere in my closet too!  I love it!

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  19. Pauline Miller says:

    I love the paint color in the room with your white armoire! What color is it and who makes it? You are so talented, thanks for your great ideas!

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