Winners of Miss Mustard Seed’s New Book

I know many of you are anxious to see if you won a copy of Miss Mustard Seed‘s first book, Inspired You.

Inspired You by Marian Parsons


Can I have a drumroll, please?  I won’t keep you waiting any longer!  The lucky winners are:  


Tracy Attebery Myers

Mary Lauffer

Laurie Hoover Wier


Congratulations to each of you!  If you won, send me an email with your postal address so I can get your book to you in time for Christmas:  [email protected]

If you didn’t win a copy of Inspired You, please order one for yourself or a loved one for Christmas.  DIY and Design bloggers work more than you can imagine and provide lots of free content for their readers – please support them (us)when you can!

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  1. Jean Molesworth Kee

    You are the best– how cute! Have you seen the purses made from old book covers? Saw these at a craft fair last year. : )


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