Displaying Christmas Cards

Besides sticking them all over the refrigerator, there are lots of ideas out there for displaying Christmas cards.  I’ve been looking for an idea that is simple, accommodates a LOT of cards, and doesn’t look junky.  There are some ideas that look cute, but only if you get less than ten cards during the season.

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I typically get so many photo cards that they more than overflow the refrigerator and sometimes end up on the floor.  This was the photo we used for our Christmas card four years ago:

My girls back in 2008 


Aren’t they precious??  I want to see all the little children’s faces, so they need space to be displayed.  I put together  some of my favorite ideas for displaying Christmas cards.  I love how they used painted wooden clothespins to hang the cards off of garland going up the stairs.

 Martha Stewart via Pinterest



Propping a painted ladder against a wall is a great place to display Christmas cards and even ornaments and stockings.

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Or you could clip them onto old crib springs and add a little garland: 

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Or maybe tuck them into some metal gate-type structure that can hang on the wall or sit on a tabletop.

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This idea reminds me of the spirograph art of my childhood.  You just use tacks and strings to create a Christmas tree shape and clip up your cards with clothespins.

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You could also simply tuck cards under twine wrapped on a piece of rustic wood.

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I really like this one – it’s just chandelier chain draped across a window, so your Christmas cards create a festive garland.

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Even simpler:  tack some twine up your stair wall and hang Christmas cards up with clothespins.



What’s your favorite way to display your Christmas cards?  Oh, and do you keep them forever so you can go back and look at them later?  I think I’d feel too guilty to throw away all those photo cards!


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14 thoughts on “Displaying Christmas Cards

  1. Ellen @Color Calling says:

    I keep a pretty wicker basket with a green wooden garland handle on the cocktail table in my family room. It is the perfect size for holding Christmas cards and holiday invitations. Since I like to look through them often, and so do friends and family, it is easier to do so than if they were hung and clipped up somewhere.

    • Cherie says:

      That is exactly what we do, Ellen. Ours are in a pretty basket in the living room, a tradition I learned long ago from my mother. It always surprises me how many friends and family members really do want to go through our cards…and I like that a lot! I save our cards until the next November, when I cut them into gorgeous gift tags. Some are so beautiful that I use the whole front side of the card as a gift tag. Those are especially pretty used with solid-colored wrapping paper and a simple ribbon. Each November, as I go through the previous year’s cards, I enjoy them all over again, and, by the way, the photo cards never get cut or thrown away. Our two grown daughters make tags with their Christmas cards, too, so the tradition continues.

  2. Susanne says:

    Good Morning Kristie. First I’d just like to say your children are cute as buttons. I’m sure 4 years later, and several phases, they are growing even more beautiful. I’m find that the same is happening with my nieces. Anyway, great ideas on displaying Christmas cards. For the past two years I have been displaying them on the inside of the front door which is part of the living room. The card camouflage the fact that is sorely needs to be repainted. Actually hoping it gets replaced entirely…lol. I lthink I’m going to string twine across the bottom of the mantel and let them add a festive touch to the fireplace. It hasn’t seen a fire in years and the Nutcrackers will have something to look at…lol. Hope your holiday season has kicked off on a very cheery note.

  3. LaJuana Gill says:

    Do you know how much I cherish your Christmas Cards? I have been collecting them since the first one of Audrey! Always beautiful and creative!

  4. Kelly says:

    Your girls are so adorable! Nice to have two girls close in age- they will always be the best of friends. I love the staircase idea. Very pretty. I do not like the chunk of wood one- talk about lazy! 😉

  5. Cindy Honey says:

    I need help! My husband and I just moved to a one level home without a fireplace. Our old home had a large beautiful stone fireplace and mantle on which I hung a stocking for each family member (21). It was one of my favorite displays and now I’m at a loss as to where to hang them in the new home. Any ideas??

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