When “Updating” Isn’t What Your Kitchen Needs

As much time as I spend helping clients update kitchens, I suppose I’m a bit of a hypocrite. Because there’s nothing “updated” about my own kitchen.  My home was built in 1939, and the kitchen appears to have been updated in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

7O3A5107 407x600 When Updating Isnt What Your Kitchen Needs

when life gives you lemons . . .

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My Summer Angel’s Wedding Shower

Laura has been working for me for several summers - taking care of my kids, running errands, providing staging assistance, and even cooking meals for my family.  We consider her our “Summer Angel.” 7O3A8608 600x480 My Summer Angels Wedding Shower

Well, our Summer Angel is walking down the aisle with the man of her dreams next month, and last weekend I hosted a wedding shower for her at our home.  I thought you might like to see some of the photos of the tablescape and one of my favorite recipes. [Read more...]

Hanging Out with Nashville’s Lifestyle Influencers

Last week I attended an invitation-only event of Nashville Lifestyle Influencers, a group that exchanges and helps promote creative ideas and projects across the world of social media.

7O3A8440 600x400 Hanging Out with Nashvilles Lifestyle Influencers

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Wicker and Rattan are Groovy Again

My sister and I had a pair of twin wicker headboards when we were kids.  I remember going to the mall, peeking into World Bazaar, wishing I could have one of those cool hanging rattan chairs.  But the heavy smell of incense made my eyes burn, so I had to keep on walking – and dreaming of a bedroom that looked like it belonged to Laurie Partridge.

room3 Wicker and Rattan are Groovy Again

Laurie Partridge slept here

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Back to the Grindstone and a Request

My vacation ends today, and I’ll be heading back home to get back to work on several ongoing projects – including the professional manual Allison and I are putting together for September’s Psychological Staging™ training course.  We will have 21 attendees earning their Expert in Psychological Staging (EPS)™ certifications in September.  We limited the course to 22, so there is only 1 slot left if you are interested.

PsychologicalStagingCVR R1 467x600 Back to the Grindstone and a Request

My new book – soon to be released

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Hard Work and No Play? No Thanks.

I’ve been working hard this week. I’m writing this post from here:

7O3A8137 416x600 Hard Work and No Play?  No Thanks.

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81

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Meaningful Art – Restaurant Menu Collection

I hope you enjoyed the dining room to living room transformation I shared at the end of last week.  What I didn’t show you is the “new” dining area.  What I wanted to share today is the art grouping I made with the menus the couple have been collecting throughout their relationship.

7O3A8092 600x400 Meaningful Art   Restaurant Menu Collection

restaurant menus

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pixel Meaningful Art   Restaurant Menu Collection