Open Letter to Designers in Retail: Get Off Your High Horse

I have always known that I don’t quite fit in with the typical interior design crowd.  We have common interests, obviously, but there’s a snobbery there that’s difficult for me to stomach. I’ve always wondered if there are some courses offered in design schools that teach you to relate to people in a way that purposely condescends.  The seems particularly common in designers who work in retail establishments. I know this may be a generalization, but I’ve had several personal experiences lately that lend credence to my seemingly sweeping judgment.  If this is you, I’m calling you out on it.



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Is Your Bedroom A Sanctuary?

Of course, your master bedroom should be a sanctuary.  A place of peace, a place of calm, a place to dream. But with a busy life and young children beneath your feet, you probably think it’s just not in the cards at this point in your life, right?  I mean, your daughter wants you to redo her room all Audrey Hepburn-ish for her birthday.  And your son is tired of the neon green walls he insisted on a mere two years ago.  So those things come first before you get your OWN dream room.  Right?

designer bedroom tufted headboard

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There’s No Place Like Home

The last week has been a whirlwind.  I attended the annual international Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) convention in Las Vegas, where I spoke last year.

Real Estate Staging Association Convention 2015

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The Decorologist’s Top 10 Favorite Finds for January on EBTH

Everything But the House (EBTH), the revolutionary online estate sale and consignment sale company, is one of my favorite places to shop for unique vintage items, all from the comfort of home!  Today I’m sharing my Top 10 Favorite Finds for January.  These items are from auctions in Cincinatti, Columbus, and Lexington.  EBTH recently announced that they are entering eight new markets in 2015: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, the Gulf Coast of Florida, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.  Check the website for details about pick-up and shipping options. These auctions end this week, so don’t delay in bidding if you are interested in any of these items!

I’m always looking for unique bookends to use when styling bookcases for my clients.  These owls would be PERFECT:

Screenshot 2015-01-11 16.03.24

find this pair of owl bookends here

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How to Bring Downton Abbey into Your Home

About 500 bazillion people watched the recent season premiere of Downton Abbey, and I bet a few of you would like to know how you can bring a little Downton Abbey vibe into your own humble abode.  In the words of Mr. Carson, “If you are tired of style, you are tired of life.”  You may not live in a castle or manor, but these tips will bring you just a little closer to living the life!


1.  Paint it Gold

Add metallic gold paint to detail chairs or furnishings, or simply spray paint with metallic gold paint. Instant glamour!

gold painted furniture


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What’s Black, White, Gold and Green All Over? My Bathroom Remodel!

Despite more than a few hurdles, our upstairs bathroom renovation is moving along. It’s being carved out of a small space that includes a dormer window on the front of the house. This is where we started:




Wondering where the shower is?  No shower. Wondering where the toilet is?  This room was so tiny, the toilet was in the room down the hall.  I am not even joking.  We had to move the wall out ten inches into the hallway and punch a hole through a couple of walls in both directions to make room for a shower and a toilet.


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Hoping for A Christmas Plumbing Miracle

I can’t wait to share some exciting restoration work that we are doing upstairs in our 1939 stone cottage. Our girls had to pack suitcases and drag their mattresses down to the basement studio to live temporarily until it’s complete and they will FINALLY get their own shower.  Yes, we’ve lived here almost 14 years with only one shower between the four of us. Of course, their new bath will be nicer than ours!  There are some old-house plumbing complications, so I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle that will keep the main floor plaster walls from having to be ripped up. Here’s a photo of the tear-out upstairs:


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