Winter Tablescapes

white tablescape by centsationalgirl Winter Tablescapes

Is winter over yet?  Unfortunately, I realize that the answer is no.  So I might as well share some winter tablescapes with you today!  This one incorporates lots of white.  Even the nuts used in the topiaries are spray painted white for a snowy effect.



I like to keep out certain themed elements that I use in Christmas decorating to use at other times during the year.  These include snowflakes and snow-covered things for winter tablescaping, as well as silver balls and mercury glass.  I’ll use the bird-related items in the spring and summer. DSC 1068 Winter Tablescapes

This is my current winter tablescape in my dining room.  I hung some white Martha Stewart pom-poms because they look like big snowflakes.   I’ve got a few snow-covered trees, owls, and deer for a winter forest feel.  And punches of blue, because I really need some color right now!


DSC 10701 Winter Tablescapes

Closer up, you can see I have a pinecone wreath, silver votive holders, and silver and white Christmas balls on the table.   Both color and theme unite these objects.

DSC 1069 Winter Tablescapes

This time last year, I had a large family dinner party.  I used white hobnail plates, silver, mercury glass, and green glass goblets for my dining  room tablescape. 


DSC 7254 Winter Tablescapes

I used green accents rather than blue.  And lots more silver than this year.  A little vintage fur collar warms up my porcelain lady figurine. DSC 7261 Winter Tablescapes

I love filling glass urns and vases with interesting decorative accessories such as silver balls, shell and crystal napkin rings, and vintage family photos.

DSC 7262 Winter Tablescapes



DSC 7145 Winter Tablescapes

Look in your cupboards and drawers for decorative elements you can use in your own winter tablescapes!


pixel Winter Tablescapes


  1. Dianne Tant says:

    LOVE the mercury glass

  2. Those look beautiful Mrs. Barnett. :-)

    I can’t wait to get these walls painted over here. Again, thank you for your assistance.

    Let me know if I can be a reference, all though your work speaks for itself.

  3. Beautiful! But where do you eat? Do you eat around the beautiful decorations or do you eat entirely in a different room?

  4. Chelle: when we have guests, we definitely eat here – we usually eat in the kitchen as a family. Friday night we had a couple over for dinner – the glasses and plates were already in the right side of the tablescape. For the rest – I moved the taller things to the left side of the table and the four of us sat on the right. Of course, if I have a full table of guests, most of it comes off. But I try to keep some of the major elements in the middle, as long as they don’t impede plates and block conversation!

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