Lace Beauty Lab

I stumbled upon some lovely inspiration over the weekend.  Lace Beauty Lab is a high-end salon in Miami Beach, Florida.  It’s interiors are bold retro, and deliciously confectionary.   Designed by Doug Meyer, Lace Beauty Lab is old-school 1950’s Miami glamor with Mediterranean and Moroccan accents. 

I love the turquoise blue walls shamelessly paired with the kelly green ceiling.   These colors look fabulous with the white and silver accents.  And check out the fabulous star-and-ball ornament light fixtures.  Meyer describes it as “Miami Beach,1968, meets Dorothy Draper meets Tangier of the 1970s.”


Lace Nail Lab is all about pink, with patent-leather stools and chairs surrounding white tables in the manicure area, and elegant white Barcelona chairs for pedicures.  According to the salon owner, Anna Elizabeth, “People always say it’s like a cyber Barbie Dream House. It’s very slick and very modern, even though it’s girly.”



The whole place is like a jewel box.  Wouldn’t you like to have a pedicure in one of these white Barcelona chairs?




Each area – be it for facials, massage, makeup, or blowouts – has its own color scheme and lighting goal. 


Photo credits:  Stir


  1. Heather

    How fun. I love this!! What a way to brighten my morning!

  2. Leif

    Very cool pedicure room! All the mirrors make it look like to goes on forever.

  3. Gabriela Ciccarone

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