The Hot Tropical Designs of Doug Meyer


Doug Meyer is known as a color revolutionary in Miami, Florida.  Inspired by fashion and travel, Meyer is all about bending the rules and setting up juxtapositions in his design. 



Meyer really like to use plexiglass in his designs (see pic below).  His work certainly reflects an updated mid-century vibe, doesn’t it?

 I must admit, I’m not loving the walls in the room below.  But I do like the furniture and accessories.  Maybe a dark gray wall instead?

I really like the headboard effect he created here.  And all the shades of blue used.  No doubt, this is a very personal space where the occupant can get lost in his/her own world . . .

 This is kinda reminding me of the apartment in “Family Affair” from the 1970’s.  And that’s not a criticism!

Meyer believes that a particular design can last if it’s based on the past and can transcend a particular trend.  He espouses no method or real rule for combining old and new, but believes it’s all about balancing and editing. 

Photo Credits:  DecoratiAccess

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11 years ago

Meyer is obviously very Miami, but that’s good in my book because it’s nostalgic for me having spent some time in Hollywood (Miami bedroom town) as a child.

Porter Simler
10 years ago

wanted to let you know that your blog doesnt load properly when using firefox. thought I should let you know

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