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Well, I’m sure most of you are familiar with inspiration boards.  Some people use them for gathering memories, for planning a wedding, or for motivation to achieve goals.  Creating inspiration boards is a common practice in the interior decorating world, as well as many other fields of artistry.  Making your own inspiration board gives you a special place just for you to remember the things that inspire you.   You can use anything that can be tacked – photographs, color swatches, fabric, objects from nature, words or phrases – anything that inspires you.  

Below is the first inspiration board I ever did, from the first paying decorating gig I ever did.  This lady wanted her bathroom ripped out and completely redone.  And she actually did everything I suggested!  I think the inspiration board helped her to visualize what I had in mind. 


This is my inspiration board in my office – it’s mainly about my career and design goals, but it touches on other themes that are important to me.


Maybe it’s time you start your own inspiration board.  And let me know if you do – I’d love to hear about it!

Photo Credits:  TravelingOx via SimpleMom, Barbara Barry via DesignMuse,  Flickr, Me.

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8 thoughts on “Inspiration Boards

  1. Lora says:

    I have a prayer board in my bedroom that is taken from an inspiration board perspective. I should do an inspiration board for decorating too though…that has never crossed my mind. Go figure. 😛

  2. Echo says:

    Kristie, Love your blog! And love the idea of an inspiration board! I started an inspiration book this past weekend! Same idea just in a book. Mine is more general though, I have begun filling it with any and all things I love and am inspired by! Love your ideas!! 🙂

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