Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

To bee or not to bee, that is the question . . .   For this cute costume, braid yarn to make a beehive of “hair.”    Add a few sticks, leaves, and a flower.  Make bees from craft pom-poms and attach them to wires that are anchored in beehive hairdo.  A yellow turtleneck and black leggings complete the look.

This fairy godmother/harlequin gets her ruffles from simple coffee filters!

Paper grocery bags and an old mop are the necessary ingredients for this cowboy’s attire.

Being an Ice Princess is cool!  White/silver hair spray, stick-on rhinestones, rhinestone jewelry, and a white dress is all you need.

This one could work for a boy or a girl – a matador!

Homemade hula girls:  old mop heads for skirts, cardboard ukuleles, and gift bows as leis!

This flapper has a one-of-a-kind skirt.  Guess what it’s made of?  Teabags!

Orange shirt and pants and a leaf garland transform this little girl into Autumn.

I never promised you a rose garden.  But I promise this rose garden costume will be the hit of the block!   Anchor wired butterflies into a pretty hairdo.  This costume is crowned by a little picket fence in her hair – so clever!


For more unique Halloween costume ideas, click here.    So what are your little ones gonna be this year?

Photo Credits:  Martha Stewart.

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  1. Kristie Barnett

    My kids want to be a gnome and a mushroom. Got a fake beard for the gnome, need to make a felt hat. Just ordered a chinese hat that I’m going to pad with stuffing and cover with felt to make a “mushroom” – like head. Not sure about the rest of that mushroom . . .


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