Halloween Costumes

It’s two weeks before Halloween.  Do you know what you children are wearing for Halloween?  Now don’t get anxious or stressed out.  I’ve rounded up a few fun ideas for you to peruse . . .
Earth costume via marthastewart

This is “Earth.”  A little hair lacquer, green hair spray, and appropriately placed creepy-crawlies do the trick.

tulle ghost costume via marthastewart This Tulle Ghost could be for a child or an adult.  It’s made from yards of tulle gathered with seam binding at the neck.  Some silvery face make-up would be good, too.

I’m so in love with this little gnome.  There’s just something about garden gnomes . . . gnome costume via familyfun

cookie sheet costume via familyfun This cute little cookie is made from foam board and silver poster board.  Pretty easy but really ingenious.

There’s nothing cuter than little girls dressed up as Little Old Ladies.  They look like they’re getting ready for a Bridge party.  Where’s the deviled eggs? Dress Up Costume via marthastewart

Outer Space Costume via marthastewart Great idea for family costumes – be Outer Space!

Don’t just be a Disney princess (pu-leese!).  Why not be a member of the Royal Family? Royal costumes via marthastewart

Pumpkin Head Costume via familyfun A fresh take on a Pumpkin Costume.

I don’t know if I like this so much because of the trio of cute Lambies, or if it’s because of that fabulous bed . . . sheep costume via marthastewart

Spider Baby Costume via marthastewart This Spider Baby is soooo cute!  Momma wears a white skirt  with black yarn pinned on to make a web.  Baby’s in a black shirt and pants and lots of stuffed socks from Daddy’s drawer.

Your kiddo will get some attention with Mice-Infested Hair.  You can buy small rubber rodents at Michaels.  Impale their underbellies with bobby pins and install them in their hair.  Nice. Hair Mice via marthastewart

miss universe costume via familyfun Take an old princess dress-up dress and transform your little girl into Miss Universe.  Just make a banner and add plastic roses from Michaels.

Who wouldn’t love a stinky little Skunk Baby?  A couple of white feather boas go a long way.

skunk costume via readersdigest

scarecrow costume via familyfun Here’s an easy Scarecrow costume for your child – a flannel shirt, blue jean overalls, work gloves, hay, and a few black birds.

You or your daughter could be Medusa pretty easily.  Lots of fake snakes, a real or fake braid coiled around the head, and a white dress.  Oh, and blue eyeshadow! medusa costume via marthastewart

bugs on skin via marthastewart Did you know you can adhere fake bugs to your skin with a little eyelash glue?  Well, now you do.

Ok, this one is not particularly easy – but this Turkey Baby is about the disturbingly hilarious thing I’ve seen in awhile!  Check out Martha Stewart to get the details if you decide to roast your baby this year for Halloween! Turkey baby costume via marthastewart


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Jen C.
Jen C.

that turkey baby makes my day. i’ve always tried to dress one of my kids as a gnome, but none of them would go for it. maybe because it wasn’t halloween yet? hmmmmm….


These are awesome! Think about how easy the tulle ghost is! I flipped over the gnome costumes at Target — my kids looked at me like I was crazy. They are very stubborn about picking their own costumes. That’s a battle I’ve chosen no to fight.

I really like the spider baby. And the bugs on the legs — awesome.