How to Style a Gorgeous Bookcase

Did you ever wish you could make your messy bookcases look like they do in a magazine?  Let me show you how bookcase styling can make yours look fabulous, too!  You’ll have to empty out the contents first, then:

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Design by Meg Braff via Pinterest


1.  Start with hardback BOOKS.  It is a bookcase, afterall.  Your bookcases will always look cluttered and messy if it’s filled with trinkets and photos.  I think bookcase styling should require more books than anything else.      [Read more...]

How To Personalize IKEA Furniture – A Decorologist Tutorial for Additik Stickers

I’m really excited to share a little Before and After of a pair of  LACK side tables using a fabulous new product.  Additik is a company out of France that has launched a whole line of appliques to personalize many of our favorite IKEA furniture.   

DSC 1374 How To Personalize IKEA Furniture   A Decorologist Tutorial for Additik Stickers


Sometimes it’s good to be The Decorologist – the nice people at Additik sent me a few samples so I could show my readers how they work!  I pulled out a few of the LACK tables I use in home staging – these are black, but they also come in birch, white, and red.

DSC 1356 How To Personalize IKEA Furniture   A Decorologist Tutorial for Additik Stickers

 IKEA LACK side tables – Before


The appliques from Additik arrived in the mail in these tubes.  DSC 1357 How To Personalize IKEA Furniture   A Decorologist Tutorial for Additik Stickers

Additix Delivery

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Can Your Kindle Do THIS???

bookstack side table via dec0r Can Your Kindle Do THIS??? It’s no secret I adore books.  Not just reading them, but using them as decor in my home and the homes of my clients.  They are such a great way to express your interests and your creativity.  Isn’t it ironic that coffee table books can be stacked to make a side table?

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IKEA Bookcases – So Many Ways to Use Them!

The Expedit Bookcase is one of IKEA’s best-selling products, and it’s no wonder.  They’re inexpensive and incredibly versatile, making them the best value I’ve found in a bookcase.  They’re backless, so the color from the wall behind can show through.

ikea bookcase via jessicaclairesworld blogspot IKEA Bookcases   So Many Ways to Use Them!


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Express Yourself

I don’t usually agree with Madonna, but I do believe it is important to express yourself.  Life is for living, and creative expression in your home can be amazingly comforting and fulfilling.  Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

In a modern home, use color sparingly but boldly – like a field of color on one wall to draw the eye to an unexpected space.   If you do this kind of color block technique, make sure you want to be accenting whatever you are accenting.  In this picture from coccozy, they are actually TRYING to draw the eye to the flat screen television, but that isn’t usually the case. Turquoise Hollywood Hills Home living room white leather armchairs color block wall flat screen television frosted glass metal coffee table green white 300x222 Express Yourself

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Rethinking Bookcases

Let’s think outside the bookcase.   I’ve found some really interesting ideas for bookcases.  There are many ways to display books and create makeshift bookcases. CrissCross Bookcase 300x232 Rethinking Bookcases

You can stack things to make a bookcase, you know.  Crates, boxes, even benches and tables.  Check out this crafty bookcase from Better Homes and Gardens.

Better Homes and Garden Bench Bookcase Rethinking Bookcases

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Decorating with Books

Ok, I LOVE books.  I love to read.  Books are like friends to me, and I have a hard time getting rid of books that I have read.  So a long time ago, I decided to start decorating with them.  Why not?  They tell people who you are, what you like.  I stack them under lamps and decorative items to give them a lift or add color.  I group them by color to coordinate with certain rooms throughout my home.   I stack them on tables to express who I am and what my interests are.  

DSC 25703 Decorating with Books

I have collected vintage children’s books for many years before I ever had children.  The cover colors and artwork are amazing.  But even new books look better if you take off those glossy covers!  Hardback covers are typically blues, greens, browns, blacks, and reds. – so they are easy to group to make a color statement.  Vintage books have the most beautifully illustrated covers and fonts – and many original vintage bookcovers are amazing as well – they are the only ones I don’t strip off!   Any vignette is improved with the addition of a stack of books. 

DSC 3362 Decorating with Books


Here are some thoughts about decorating bookcases:

  • Don’t just use bookcases for books – and don’t put all your books in bookcases. Use books on tables, mantels, etc.
  • Stack books, turn them sideways, use them to elevate other objects.
  • Hang artwork on exterior frame of a bookcase.
  • Paint or wallpaper backs of bookcases, curios, or cabinets.
  • As a rule, larger books and items go at the bottom of a bookcase.
  • Use a zig-zag formation in bookcases.   Then fill in with interesting accessories.
  • Accessories in bookcases can include small pictures, lamps, large shells, art objects, pottery, framed photos, vases, etc.

DSC 3370 Decorating with Books


DSC 33721 Decorating with Books



DSC 3369 Decorating with Books



DSC 3425 Decorating with Books




DSC 3311 Decorating with Books


Photo Credits:  The Decorologist (formerly StoneBrook Staging).

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