How to Make Your Lonely Walls Happy

What do you do when your dining room looks forlorn and empty, and it’s making you crazy -depressed?


No, I’m not suggesting that you pour yourself a stiff drink.  Put down the bottle and pick up the hammer!  I spent yesterday hanging art and plates in my client’s dining room, and it made such a difference.   [Read more…]

How To Make a Dated Fireplace Fabulous and Then Some

I promised you earlier this week that I would share some of the details from my recent coastal living room makeover, so let’s start with the amazing fireplace makeover!  Most of you know that you can paint brick, but have you ever thought about painting stone?

fireplace makeover

The Decorologist


My client thought there was no hope for her dated orangey-brown fireplace, but that just wasn’t the case!  Anything can be painted, and we decided to transform the existing stone fireplace by painting the stones in varying shades of gray and white.  Again, this was the way the fireplace looked before we started:

Fireplace Before


I enlisted the help of faux painter extraordinaire, Heather Spriggs, to help change this fireplace for the better.  I chose three shades of Benjamin Moore latex paint for the job:  Cloud Cover, Athena, and Apparition.  Heather alternated dry brushing and ragging on the colors until the orange was vanquished and a whole new fireplace emerged.


Painted Fireplace Makeover 


Previously, there was another item in the room that stuck out like a sore thumb.  This distressed black hutch was a great piece, but it just didn’t work into the scheme of the room.  

Rustic Hutch Before 


Using Benjamin Moore’s Apparition and a heavy hand, I painted and distressed the piece so that a little of the black would show through and the whole piece would tie in with the new fireplace, without looking matchy-matchy.  You know how I feel about matchy-matchy, right?

shabby chic

 Rustic Hutch After, Photo by Melanie G. Photography


Did you notice the plates on the wall?  We gathered some of my clients white platters, and I created an arrangement on the floor before I hung them.

plate grouping

 White Plates and Platters


Here is how it came together to create a cohesive, peaceful look.  

shabby beachy chic

 The Decorologist Living Room Design, Photo by Melanie G. Photography


Did you have any idea that you could paint natural stone?  Well, now you know!


Plate Collages (The Art of Creative Plate Hanging)

Most of you know you can use an arrangement of plates/dishes to add color and personality to a wall.   But how about getting a little more creative about it?   Try creating a plate collage.  Take a look at some of these beautiful examples – this first one makes me think of water dribbling down the wall . . . .

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The Secrets of Hanging Art

Here they are.  All the secrets to hanging your artwork so that you will not be mocked for hanging it poorly:

Match frame shape to wall shape.  Hang a vertical piece of art when you have a vertical sliver of wall.  Hang a horizontal piece of art or a horizontal grouping on a wall that is a horizontal rectangle. Dining Room Wall Art

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