Nontraditional Christmas Color Palettes

I am officially encouraging you to change or maybe just alter your traditional Christmas color palette this year.   How about a little inspiration? white feather tree with pink via purl bee

I am going more towards turquoise and peacock blues, hot pinks, limey greens, and plums.  I can do this over the base of my traditional greens, but it does require subtracting some of the predictable dark reds.  Metallics are big for Christmas, so lots of gold and a little silver for me.

Kristie Barnett's Christmas Dining Table

Plums and Lime Christmas Decor

Christmas trees come in all colors – pinks, blues, and white ones are particularly popular.

colorful christmas trees by christmascentral

Any color or color combination will work for Christmas – as long as it’s in a context with a tree, ornaments, garland, and all the other “traditional” Christmas basics.  Oh, and anything metallic or sparkly is good.  It looks Christmasy, only a lot more fun! Blue Sparkly Deer from TJ Maxx

hot pink and lime green christmas via realsimple

1. Colored papers look like flowers when styled festively.  2. Love that pink shimmery pattern paired with gold metallic.  3.  Holiday charger plates are everywhere – and in cool colors like plum and this lime green.   4.  Metallics are all the rage and work perfectly for Christmas sparkle.  5.  Dark red and forest green no more –  here’s a softened but brightened version of Christmas colors.

The colors of peacocks – both the teal blue and electric green – work great for spicing up your Christmas decor.  I just randomly stick peacock feathers right into my Christmas tree branches.

Peacock Christmas

Blues, greens, and creams make for a serene and sophisticated Christmas palette in this lovely dining room . blue-dining-room via country living

Tiffany blue Christmas via country living Same home, different room.  Rather than throwing in reds and greens in your existing color scheme, why not pick up on what you already have?  The blue on the chair and in the back of the bookcases is simply amped up and spread around in the form of Christmas decor.  It just works.

Maybe you love purple.  Check out this gorgeous table all set for Christmas dinner. purple-and-floral-winter-holiday-table via decorateyourtable

new colors of christmas via flickr So pick a color, any color!   Inspiration can be found anywhere:  in clothing, wrapping paper, magazine layouts, store displays.  Make a change, spice things up, and embrace what you love when you decorate this year for Christmas.


  1. Dianne Tant

    you have to see my PINK tree!

  2. Heather

    Love this. something I have been thinking about too. I think more people are open to new colors since pastels are so big right now, and peacock feathers and colors.
    My christmas colors are : copper, gold, teal,

  3. kristiebarnett

    Dianne – I have a pink tree, too! Would love to see your copper/teal/gold palette, Heather. 🙂

  4. Natalie

    I thought of you when I saw some lovely vintage ornaments in your colors at Dillard’s yesterday.

  5. mellony

    omg i love christmas tree’s!!!! you no, the christmas tree repersents the sky and the ornaments mean the stars and the star up top the christmas tree repersents the star of bethlahem. and the garland well… maybe it means your inspiration.

  6. Medford Oregon Photography

    I love the teal/blue accents in addition to the standard green. Pink is a bit too much for me though.

  7. Elizabeth

    Can someone please tell me where I can get the green skinny tree? I have a pink and purple but I really want the green.



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