Gender Neutral Nurseries



Last week, a client asked me to come up with a gender-neutral color scheme for her baby-to-be.



Colors that work in gender neutral nurseries include greens, blues, and yellows.  Browns and grays accented with an unexpected vibrant color works, too.  Orange is becoming a more popular choice, as well.






Maybe you start with a neutral wallcolor and add in some citrusy punches of color.








Don’t forget:  a coat of paint makes everything more fun.  Painted wood furniture adds personality and spunk to a nursery.





I’m really loving the turquoise with the lemon yellow – so fresh and happy!






Another client brought this picture to me a couple of months ago as inspiration for the nursery in the new home she and her husband are currently working on.  Ultimately, we chose a less vivid version of this color combo.  I can’t wait to see it all come together!




Photo Credits:  Custom Nursery Art (1,7), Decor Pad(2,6), St. Houzz, Apartment Therapy, Hatched Prints. Young House Love.

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26 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Nurseries

  1. Lezlie says:

    Love the last picture. Not so sure my ultimate color choice is any less vivid now that it is on the walls! I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together, too, as well as the rest of the house! Thanks for all your help.


  2. Linda Moran says:

    We chose a color similar to the green in the third picture (big giraffe), sort of a mint color with white trim and were very pleased with it though two girls and a boy. On a side note, we sold the house and the new owner, who has no children, kept the color. It was perfect for a smallish room.

  3. Misty says:

    I love the touches of turquoise and if the time ever comes for me to have a nursery, I like a turquoise and orange or turquoise and lemon. Fresh and zesty! Cute post.

  4. Amy says:

    This gives me something to think about. I tend to be so traditional but it would be fun to think outside the box. At least a little bit, anyway!

  5. ehalvey says:

    I love these!! And I don’t plan on needing a nursery for a very long time 🙂

    Especially the taupe and celery and the turquoise and yellow. They’re colors that can grow with the child instead of re-doing the room every 3 years because they’re over pink/purple/whatever.

  6. kristiebarnett says:

    good point – it saves time and effort in the long run if the colors chosen for a nursery can last into the future – past the baby stage. afterall, time flies and they don’t stay babies forever . . .

  7. Lauren McKenzie says:

    Hi Kristie,
    Just found out I’m expecting….starting to brainstorm some ideas for our nursery. Wandered onto your website and fell in love with the third photo (one with the giraffe) Was hoping you could give me some insight into what color was used on the walls? Also, where the rug and wall hangings came from….love them! Thanks!

  8. Paula says:

    Hi kristie,

    I love your gender neutral paint color suggestions. Please tell me what the two paint colors are in the first photo, as well as the photo further down with the tan wall with the citrusy punches of color?

    Thanks so much,

  9. Sara Eichhorn says:

    I LOVE the nursery in the fifth picture down with the putty walls and white bedding with the polka dots and circles. Can you tell me where the bedding and accessories are from? It is the only bedding my hubby and I agree on. Thanks so much!

  10. Mary says:

    Love the second photo down….we want to do ours green and I love the rug and the cute wall art above the crib. Where are they from, and what color is on the wall? Thanks!

  11. Adrianna says:

    The link to the first photo isn’t working… do you by chance know where the picture is from? I’m wanting to do the beige chair rail in our Master, which is currently ALL ivory, but heavily accented in blue.

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  13. Kristina says:

    Has anyone found the polka dot bedding in photo 5? I have been searching and searching. It is not a Dwell Stuido line either. I want this so bad.

  14. Laura says:

    Did anyone have anyone luck finding where the circle polka dot nursery is sold? It is the only bedding I have truly loved and I am 24 weeks along so I am beginning to get desperate!! Any help would be great!

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  16. Susan says:

    I love love everything in pic 1. I can’t seem to find where you bought everything. Do you mind providing me with the websites? THank you

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