Ottoman Bed

This is so ingenious!  At first glance, it’s a slipcovered ottoman.  Which is a versatile piece to begin with.  It can be used to rest your feet, topped with a tray to convert it into a makeshift coffee table, or put into use as extra seating.   The slipcover comes in white and in hot pink.pottery barn ottoman

pottery barn ottoman - bedBut if you remove the slipcover, it folds out into an extra sleep space for friends.   No more making pallets on the hard floor!  It has a metal frame and velcro straps to keep the mattress in place. It takes twin-sized bedding and is strong enough for kids and non-huge adults.  You can find this nifty convertible space-saver at Pottery Barn Teen.

There are so many cool things in the Teen catalog from Pottery Barn.  And it’s not JUST for teenagers.  It’s like a funkier, more creative version of the regular Pottery Barn catalog.  It must be where all the edgier, hipper Pottery Barn designers go to work.  Anyway, the Ottoman Bed is currently priced at 299.00.  It could be used in front of any casual chair or sofa, or at the end of a twin bed.  Park two in your den so the space can play double-duty as a guest room.

pottery barn ottoman - white


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