Pink is the Thing for Spring!

Think pink!  It’s about time pink came around again.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I ADORE pink – my favorites are ballet pinks like Benjamin Moore’s Pristine OC-75 and Pink Moire 50 and Pantone’s Color of the year 2011:  Honeysuckle Pink.


Pink in the dining room would be divine!


Honeysuckle pink and spa blue just may be my new favorite color combo.  I saw this living room on The Decorista’s blog the other day, and it made me SWOON:



Spring is just around the corner, dears!  So in honor of pink,  I leave you with this:

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9 years ago

I love that Kate Spade picked pink for their color to feature in March. I want to make their store my closet. So pretty!

A color combo that I love that relates to honeysuckle and spa blue is fuchsia and navy blue. It’s quirky yet a little classic with the navy. I see it and think of a gorgeous brownstone up north.

Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

Mmmmm, I’m such a pink lover. AND I’m surrounded by a house full of men! God is laughing, I’m sure! Ha!
So glad pink is “in”.

Warmly, Michelle

Naturally Carol
9 years ago

Still think the colour of the year is a bit too candy pink for me however I love the movies your pictures refer to …Funny Face and Funny classic! I notice you’ve got two new ‘expert’ plaques up there…great!!

LaJuana Gill
LaJuana Gill
9 years ago

This is SO delightful! It reminded me of my aunt’s kitchen. It featured pink appliances and the very first pink Formica ever! Thanks for the memory and Think pink!


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London Accountants Lady

Very cute, love the dining room! This is pink but done in a subtle and pretty way.

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