Halloween by Andrea Ferrell!

Andrea Ferrell is a very special and spooky lady.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, she is one of my major Halloween-decorating inspirations. IMG_9165

Halloween Vignettes with skull and books

I love how Andrea uses books with appropriately spooky titles and jacket covers.

Halloween Vignette with Books

Andrea has a way of telling a story, a spooky story, with the way she groups  ordinary and extraordinary accessories.  Notice the amber glass and architectural photos.  They only look spooky in the context of the objects that surround them.

Spooky Halloween Mantel

Halloween Decor Vignette Owl Candles Vintage Art Pottery I have this same owl.  Andrea uses these spooky birds with her cream pottery collection and lots of sticks and branches from her yard.

Here’s a huge scary spider crawling over Andrea’s vintage pottery collection. Spooky Halloween Spider

I asked Andrea why she loves Halloween decorating so much.  She answers, “Halloween allows for the most creativity. It’s a very playful holiday. I can almost tell a story with the décor, set a scene. I like to think about my favorite scenes from horror literature and old ghost stories. Hearing a ghost story makes me feel like a kid at a slumber party!”

Halloween Decor skull books

I asked Andrea about her use of common objects: “Limbs from the yard – the more gnarled and curly, the better. I find the best limbs under my pecan tree. Nice and splotchy. Very sculptural. And they are free!”

Halloween Decor Tablescape Branches Crows

Even old garden statues creep up the scene in Andrea’s fireplace.

Halloween Decor Candles Fireplace

As you can tell, Andrea is partial to crows/ravens, black cats, and spooky spiders at Halloween.

Halloween Decor black cat crows

Halloween Tablescape Decor skulls

Andrea says, “Cheesecloth is one of my favorite things – very inexpensive and connotes mummies.” Halloween tablescape decor cheesecloth

Last Halloween, Andrea hosted a delightfully spooky Halloween dinner for some friends.  We had a light dinner, then Death by Chocolate cake.  Look at the beautifully spooky set-up below!

Halloween Dining Room Tablescape skeleton

According to Andrea, music is a must-have part of Halloween décor.  “The soundtrack from The Omen has hauntingly beautiful music.  Lots of creepy carnival music!”

Halloween Dinner Party Tablescape spooky decor

Andrea read aloud Edgar Allan Poe’s A Tell-Tale Heart.  Check out that cool floor candelabra in the background.  I really need one of those . . . Halloween Read-aloud spooky stories dinner party

I asked Andrea how is she going to possibly top herself next Halloween.  “Next year, I want to do a Haunted Mardi Gras theme for Halloween.  I’ve got a few pretty masks…ooh la la.  I am crazy!” Crazy like a fox, Andrea.

Halloween mice rats

“And, it’s okay to be a little tacky at Halloween! Am I right???”  Yes, Andrea, when it’s this well done, it is perfectly OK



  1. Marian Parker

    Love it, love it, love it!!!

  2. Erin Meadows

    This is so much fun! I’d almost given up much decorating for my favorite holiday with toddlers running around for years, but this inspires me to find high places and try again. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!

  3. Lora

    Oooh, very spooky! What fun!

  4. Jennifer Driver

    Such spooky fun! Love it!

  5. Andrea

    I haven’t tried the “blood” on the cream candles yet — Have you? I couldn’t see any in the Twilight pics…But I do like your black candles. I’ve got to get some of those!


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