A Modern Minimalist Christmas Party

I stumbled across these photographs I took at a Cooking Club hosted by my pal, Robbie, in December of last year.   I forgot to share them with you last year, so I decided to do it now!   I loved her stick Christmas tree with the origami swans.
I did some interior styling for Robbie a couple of years back, and we did a lot of cool things in her home – like some fun wall groupings of her daughter’s art and this tangy green wall color in her dining room.

I helped her create a dining/library area in a previously under-utilized space.  We pulled down several bookcases from her upstairs office and placed them in an L-shape to  make a welcoming spot to read, eat, or just hang out.  She bought this Saarinen table from IKEA, and I found these blue retro chairs with the metal bases in perfect condition at a local consignment store.

The girls in the cooking club brought various hors d’oeuvres for the party, and Robbie arranged them artfully on her table.  She used old corks to create descriptive labels for the food.

Robbie set up drinking glasses on a side table with a simple red bucket stuffed with a lit string of Christmas lights.  And her young daughter made the sign “Wodr” (water).  So cute!

This family is casual and modern.  A fun thing we did in their dining room was to create a huge rectangular area with magnetic paint.  They leave each other messages with these fun word tiles, and Robbie used them to create this clever Christmas tree shape!  By the way, this isn’t Robbie in the photograph – it’s my pal, Jen.   She just had her fourth baby girl a few weeks ago – congrats, Jen!

Photo Credits:  The Decorologist.

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9 thoughts on “A Modern Minimalist Christmas Party

  1. Allison says:

    Love the word Christmas Tree — I have a box of magnetic words and have been wanting to do something with them. I didn’t know there was magnetic paint. Very creative!!!

  2. robbie says:

    I had no idea my minimalist party decor was so clever until now 🙂 Thanks Kristie! For the record, we still enjoy our magnet wall. The magnetic paint seems to work best with light, flat little poetry magnets — heavier, magnets will just slide down the wall. When the magnets aren’t arranged in seasonal shapes or telling long incomprehensible stories about monkeys, we keep them in a clear glass cookie jar on the counter, which is kind of pretty and whimsical too. Even sans magnets we like the way the big bold white rectangle looks against that punchy green.

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