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Making Your House a Home on a Budget & My List of Bargain Sources

  Last Thursday evening, I had the privilege of teaching a class for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville to help their newest homeowners make wise choices for budget-friendly furniture and decor.  Most of us could use a class like that, don’t you think? Making Your House a Home on a Budget attendees

Pottery Barn at Rock Bottom Prices

This summer, I haven’t been to as many yard sales as usual.  My plate (translation: calendar) has been very full lately.  However, I happened upon this yard sale on my way somewhere else last Saturday morning and had to stop.  So glad I did.  This is what I found:  

Estate Sale Finds!

Happy Labor Day!  I’m actually working for awhile today, but then I’m going to come home and make myself relax.  Today I want to share a few things that I picked up from an estate sale last week!  First up, a pair of mounted animal horns.  The guy I bought them from asked me if […]

Fun Folding Chairs at Target

On a Target run yesterday, I found these fun and fabulous folding chairs.  Aren’t these so much more interesting than the standard black metal ones?  These are so cute , I’d actually WANT to pull out the folding chairs, and not just because I had to!  Anyway, they are under the ReStyle label and are […]

A Yard Sale Story

Great things happen to me at yard sales.  Seemingly small but great things.   There have been countless times I’ve had a thought like “I wish I had a toaster oven,” then two weeks later I stop by a yard sale on the way home from somewhere else and find a perfect toaster oven.  Here’s my most […]

Tack Boards

My latest bargain was found at my local Goodwill store.  Just stopped in to find a gray belt, which I found.  I always go through the leaning stack of framed art in the back.  I found not one, but two bamboo tack boards with white frames.  They looked so cool, I thought at first they […]

Scrabble Tiles

I love to come up with interesting ways to use everyday items in decorating.  Yes, I have even been known to go through my children’s toy box for styling ideas.  Who doesn’t have a game of Scrabble  somewhere in their home?   Scrabble tiles are a great way to graphically express a decorative thought, especially for holiday […]

Vintage Portraits

I have a fabulous oil portrait in my dining room.  If you’ve ever been in my home, you’ve seen her.  If you’ve looked through my blog much, you’ve probably spied her in the corner of many of my pictures.   No, she’s not my grandmother or favorite aunt.  I found her on the side of the […]