Estate Sale Finds!

Happy Labor Day!  I’m actually working for awhile today, but then I’m going to come home and make myself relax.  Today I want to share a few things that I picked up from an estate sale last week!  First up, a pair of mounted animal horns.  The guy I bought them from asked me if I was going to make knives out of them.  He said lots of people do that.  I told him of course not, I’ll probably hang them in my dining room.  He looked at me kinda funny.  Anyway, I also snagged the two vintage brooches pictured beneath the horns.  One is  gold leaves and the other is a yellow fabric rose.


I love vintage Christmas ornaments, and I have a small collection of deer.  So I was thrilled to find this sweet pair:

Ok, this is really cool:  I decided last week on my next Cooking Club theme.  I’m hosting it the first week in November.  My mother-in-law gave me the great idea to do an “Election Day,” theme since elections happen to fall in that week.  So, how happy was I when I stumbled across a wad of small American flags?!  $2 for 40 – not bad!

Do you do estate sales?   What have been some of your favorite finds?

Photo Credits:  Kristie Barnett.

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Paul Martin
Paul Martin
9 years ago

Great minds must think/buy alike …

I was at the same sale and also got a pair of deer horns sets. They’re well mounted in concrete and tidily covered with velvet, backed by plywood.

I got some other small treasures there as well (boy stuff: 101 Airborne “Night Stalker” soldier rapelling and survival gear).

If you ever see a fistful or cigar box full of arrowheads or other indian rocks, get them and I’ll reinburse you 1.5X. Let me know your wants as well. I get around.

9 years ago

I take it you saw these small ones when you were there? I’ll keep an eye out for arrowheads, Paul!

Kelly, Arte Styling
Kelly, Arte Styling
9 years ago

Great finds! Those little reindeer are adorable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE estate sales. I shop at them as often as I can. I can’t even begin to list all the goodies I’ve found. Just recently picked up a velvet turquoise chair and ottoman for $65 – that was a find! And I, like you, am always on the hunt for some vintage jewelry. Oh! And pyrex dishes and interesting trays. And home decorating books. And I was on a Shiny Brite ornament kick for awhile…. Yeah. I might have a little problem. 🙂 I posted a few of my finds… Read more »

9 years ago

Ditto Pauls response. Love, love estate sales. Oh my goodness, eth unique things I would find… to use, share and resell. Here’s a tip for everyone. I would potentially check out an estate sale early in the week… usually on Thursday mornings. Then I would make a return visit on Saturday afternoon (typically when they end) or on the last day. You’ll be surprised at what you can get for a fraction… and I do mean fraction of the original asking price. It seems that estate salers are in “just get rid of it” mode and will usually accept your… Read more »

9 years ago

you sound like a girl after my own heart! if you only lived in nashville, we could make the rounds each friday morning. but based on things you mentioned that you like, we might be racing to be the first one to find the treasures!

9 years ago

terry – thanks for sharing your estate sale tips with us!

Laura Tichnell
5 years ago

In a world of mass production and cookie cutter decorating, I find estate sales intriguing as you can find something that no one else on the block has. Whether it’s an antique or hand made item, the uniqueness of estate sale treasures is what gets in your blood and pulls you out each weekend on the quest for something different.

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