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Retro Camp Decor

Happy Wednesday to all my Decor Peeps!  I am still tired and dragging after a stint at camp with a small drove of elementary kids from my church.  While I was there, my friend Michelle G. couldn’t wait to show me the decor in the “hospitality suite” on campus.  It’s a little trailer of sorts with a […]

How to Hang a Drum Shade

Hanging pendants and drum shades are everywhere.  They’re stylish and usually a quite inexpensive way to introduce a little pop into your lighting.  Hanging drum shades is a great way to cast a warm glow in any space.  The resulting light is warmer and less harsh than your typical overhead lighting.  But sometimes it’s difficult […]

IKEA and a New Prize Give-a-Way!

Last week I got to do a little shopping at the IKEA in Cincinatti.  I bought some gifts for the ole gift closet and some staging props for my business.  And a little something for one lucky reader.   But we’ll talk about that later.  First I want to share some of my favorite things I […]