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Happy Wednesday to all my Decor Peeps!  I am still tired and dragging after a stint at camp with a small drove of elementary kids from my church.  While I was there, my friend Michelle G. couldn’t wait to show me the decor in the “hospitality suite” on campus.  It’s a little trailer of sorts with a living room, kitchen, and 2 bedrooms.  Anywho, couldn’t resist taking a few pics to share this little time capsule, circa 1974.  Let’s start with the faux wood paneling and console television.  Yes, I remember having both in my childhood home!

  Faux Wood Paneling is a Decor Faux Pas



You know I love owls!  But this one’s kinda creepy.   I think it’s made of pinecones or something.

Natural but Creepy Owl Art


These dated wood cabinets would look great with a few good coats of creamy white paint.  This look reminds me of an old ship interior for some reason . . . 

photo by Kristie Barnett


Little has changed in this little love nest since 1974.


Some lovely shell art – this is why I’m not really into crafting . . .

Shell Art, I Suppose


This is the bathroom.  I really don’t know what to say about this . . .

1970’s Bathroom


Now the lighting definitely had some potential!  Hanging drum shades are totally hot right now, so you could just remove that velvet trim.

Cool Hanging Pendant


And I also like this one – I actually have a similar sconce in one of my daughter’s rooms with that same hobnail glass.

Hobnail Hanging Light Fixture



Ok, now THIS I love!!!  What a cool wood light switch cover – if only it wasn’t placed on top of wood paneling.  At least the light switch cover appears to be real wood.

Wood Light Switch Cover


Wow,  it just occurred to me that this is totally James Rockford’s beach trailer!!!!   Now I’m not going to be able to get that theme song out of my head all day.  Anywho, here I am with my bevy of 5th grade campers and my brave co-counselor. 

Camp Sonrise Cuties


We made it without any ticks or broken bones, but not without a lot of drama and waayyyy more information about Justin Beiber than I ever wanted to know.   If your home looks like the one featured in today’s post, contact The Decorologist immediately!


  1. Amy

    And to think that last year I actually SLEPT in that hospitality suite, and showered in that bathroom! It was scary then too! 🙂 We thought about y’all all weekend – can’t wait to hear more details!

  2. Dianne

    I remember all these trends. you look so cute in your braids and tye-died shirt.

  3. Michelle L.

    Now if you could only communicate the, ah, “aroma” of the trailor in your blog. That would really complete the scene. How I miss my little home away from home. NOT!

    • Kristie Barnett

      yes, the aroma! i totally forgot to describe that – but not sure even how to . . . musty, green beans and mothballs, maybe?

  4. Jamie

    Maybe for $200 a day, plus expenses, you could hire Rockford to paint that wood panelling for ya!

  5. Jana

    What? No pictures of the snack table? That would explain why we all know so much about the place 🙂 You and your co-counselor do such a great job!!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Jana, I guess I’m just too fixated on decor – I really should’ve gotten a shot of that snack table and the mounds of sugary foods . . .

  6. Alyson

    It’s amazing how clean it is! That bathroom is pristine. And the lights: guess it goes to show you that anything you keep around long enough is bound to come back in? I can’t imagine sleeping on those mattresses or in the sheets though. Some things weren’t meant to last 30+ years. *shudder*

    • Kristie Barnett

      Hmm, I would not say that it was particularly clean, Alyson! Thankfully, I didn’t sleep in there – I slept in a bunk bed with a plastic mattress in a room with 16 5th grade girls and 3 other adults. We had 2 toilets and a urinal in there. The urinal was not very helpful . . .

  7. Missy

    This you just have to see to get the true appreciation of….I agree that you can’t go without noting the “granny aroma” in that place. good times, good times…….

  8. Naturally Carol

    Whoever owns that place is definitely in urgent need of your help! lol

  9. Hannah

    Thank you for admitting you aren’t into crafting. I’m not as well, and now I’m not alone in admitting it 🙂

    • Kristie Barnett

      Hannah, it’s the funniest thing – everyone assumes i am crafty because i decorate. it’s a really different thing, don’t you think?

  10. Molly

    How did you resist the urge to update?

  11. Sheila Zeller

    You are so funny! Love your last line – …call the Decorologist immediately! Made me LOL 🙂 Seriously though, the toilet seat was up in the pic – now that’s bad… wasn’t it all girls at this camp out?
    Hope you had a blast… from that past 😉


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