Pipe Dreams, Airstreams, and Pinterest

Let me be clear – I am no camper.  But I have had a pipe dream for years about restoring an Airstream trailer.

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Wouldn’t it be fun to decorate it out all retro-dreamy, like a giant dollhouse?




My girls could use it as a playhouse in the backyard.



Or I could use it as an office in the warmer months.



It’d be a perfect place to read . . . or just think really deep thoughts.



We could even go on a trip in it!  Maybe to the beach – I’d feel like Gidget.


If you need inspiration for your pipe dreams, you should really be on Pinterest.   You can check out my Airstream Dreams board to see more cool trailer interiors.  Or get ideas for exterior house paint colors from my Exterior Paint Colors board.  Maybe you want to hang some art but don’t know where to start – just browse through my Wall Art Groupings board.  Join me there and indulge in your own pipe dreams!

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21 thoughts on “Pipe Dreams, Airstreams, and Pinterest

  1. Kelly says:

    I am addicted to pinterest too! So inspirational AND really cool pictures. I can picture me laying in there by the window with a book (and then a nap!) Fun post!!

  2. Don Wright says:

    I share your dream secretly. I’ve always loved airstreams – since I was a little boy and George C. Scott taught me how to whittle in his old airstream trailer he lived in while he stayed 2 houses down from mine in Savannah GA filming some movie.

    Have you seen all of the small restaurants in Seagrove, Florida which are run out of Airstreams? Classics. Truly.

    Have you seen this beauty?

  3. Lisa says:

    I’ve had the same airstream dream since I saw them featured in Sunset Mag a couple years ago. I like the idea of taking trips, but my fam would veto such a small space.

  4. Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Hey Kristie,
    We share the same dream! I love your idea of making one into a playhouse for your little girls!
    Don’t wait too long…they grow up really fast. Check Craig’s List. We rehabbed a fifth wheel last year and went 10,000 miles! So the real thing (camping) is fun too! Also, if you get a chance to see the new Airstreams—the interior design is akin to a jet airliner or a yacht–amazing use of every inch!
    Thanks for sharing your pics of pretty interiors on Pinterest!
    My wish is that the makers of 5th wheels would get the idea of sharper interiors from Airstream
    and light weight cabinets,etc. The interior design in most 5th wheels is still 1970’s. UGH. But…
    there is such great storage under a 5th W.

  5. Fernweh says:

    Oh My Gosh – I am in love with these pictures! Some of the pictures you are showing are EXACTLY what I had in mind for when hubby and I get one of our own!

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