Nashville Stager Explains How You May Need to Spend Money to Make Money

No one wants to spend money on the home they are getting ready to sell, but it can be crucial if you want to sell the house quickly and for the price you want.  Beyond basic  decluttering and cleaning, there are areas where you may need to spend a little cash in order to get your property sold.  Here’s a few things you may need to spend $$ on:
traditional dining room by Michael Abrams Limited

Painting the walls in updated neutrals and on-trend colors will set your home apart and help home buyers remember each room. Open areas should all be painted the same color — maybe a light griege or muted-down color. You’ll want to skip the dark or intense colors in these areas. Master and guest bedrooms are best painted in muted but distinct colors. Muted versions of blues, greens and yellows are good bets.
traditional bedroom Guest Room Redesign

Read the rest of my latest article on to find out the other things you probably need to spend a little money on if you want to get your home sold quickly and for more money.  Again, I did not choose the title of the article (am I a control-freak, or what?)  Just for the record, I’m not a fan of the word “savvy.”
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8 years ago

Having been a stager (stopping because of back issues) I was organizing my office yesterday and came upon before and after shots of my work. What a huge difference it makes to stage a home for sale! That and proper pricing, will sell a home, just about anywhere!

8 years ago

Once again, you are the title and link Queen! You go, girl!

8 years ago

So happy for you Kristie! All these great articles all over the place! Good for you girlfriend!!

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