The Most On-Trend Family of the Year

Shall we dish about the most popular family in town?  No, not the Kardashians.  The most popular color family.  As a Nashville Color Consultant, it’s my job to know the movers and shakers in the land of Color.  Let me introduce you to the Green sisters:  Lime Green, Kelly Green, and Emerald Green.

Let’s start with the youngest of the girls, Lime Green.  Lime is a fiesty thing – youthful, fresh, and energetic.  She likes to hang out with the younger crowd and enjoys mixing with lots of other bright, young hues like Lemon Yellow and Fuschia.

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Lime loves a good time with her pals, but also likes babysitting her nieces and nephews.  She prefers a laid-back, informal lifestyle and a home that reflects that.

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Kelly Green is classic, self-assured, and a go-getter.  Although she stays on top of the trends, she is a timeless beauty who likes to spend her time with other classics like Royal Blue and tried-and-true Neutrals.

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Kelly lives a busy life with a thriving career and family.  She’s active in her community and is a staple in the social column of the local newspaper.

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Kelly loves entertaining and opening her home to her friends and family, so she wants it to look welcoming and updated while still being kid-friendly.

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Emerald Green is an elegant and sophisticated creature.  She is the more mature of the sisters.   Emerald is rooted in the past, but always fashion-forward.

 Vintage Dorothy Draper via Pinterest


 Emerald enjoys travel and formal entertaining with her black-tie friends like Sapphire Blue and Jet Black.

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Emerald is confident in her choices and the place she has established for herself in life.  She isn’t swayed by passing fads, but prefers a bold, yet timeless and elegant style.

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Within any color family, there is tremendous variety and depth.  The beautiful thing is, as different as these color sisters are, they go great together!

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So which sister is your BFF?



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22 thoughts on “The Most On-Trend Family of the Year

  1. Jamie says:

    I can’t pick a favorite – I love just about ANY green (although I’m partial to Kelly and Lime…shhhhh!!!) Love these colors, especially with the navy. Yummy!

  2. Michelle L. says:

    I just knew I was going to open this post and see my picture! However, I have to say the Green Family is my second favorite family. Love the post, Kristie… your writing gets more creative all the time. So proud of you, my friend.

  3. Barbara says:

    Old Limey is my sweetheart. She just makes me smile, since she’s so fresh and optimistic about life! And I wish I had her energy! Wow!

    Love this post!

  4. Paula Van Hoogen says:

    These gorgeous images make me want to learn how to “pin’ on Pinterest! You’ve woken up some sleeping color loves–kelly and emerald for me! But soft, sweet, and sentimental ocean colors are
    always a siren song for me. They sooooothe the soul!

  5. Mary says:

    LOVE this post!

    I love all greens. My sofa and chairs are a cross between Lime and Kelly and I love changing the pillow colours from time to time…from pink to blue to purple. LOVE green.

  6. Alma Delia says:

    Emerald Green ALL THE WAY. My bathroom is done, and its in sapphire blue and crisp white. My foyer will be black and white with punches of green to tie into the living room. Then I still have like 10 more rooms to go…its a 1905 house that is in need of major restoration….so keep the color ideas/party coming!
    -Alma Delia

  7. Sheila @sZinteriors says:

    I like the way you put this post together – it’s fun and informative! I’m a green lover, so all of these work for me, but Kelly’s been in and out of my life the longest. I’m enjoying a few hits of lime here and there more recently – vibrant and full of life 🙂

  8. Lola says:

    I love all the greens. My dh is a RED lover but I like it in small doses. For instance I have a set of Red sheets. (Flannel not satin!) I was considering a red sofa, since that is my dh’s favorite seat in the house. Which Green could I pair with a red without turning my home into the North Pole?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Ah Lola,
      That is a bit of a problem – red and green always looks a bit like Christmas to me! Maybe you could do green with blues, or fuchsia, or yellow, and use your reds in other rooms with other colors? The best non-Christmas green with red would be a lighter, minty shade – which is predicted to be making waves in the coming year. Try Ben Moore’s Prescott Green or Antique Jade.

      • lola says:

        Thank you Kristie!

        I’ll keep our 2011 blue-green famliy room sofa then! It’s was a desperate sofa replacement and I went with it because I FELL in LOOVE with the texture and color. (Cover Girl – Powder, found at Lazboy and on some BEST chairs.)

        It seems my 12 year old is on trend, in an “act of motherly love” I let her pick her paint colors for her bedroom and she chose Minty Green by Glidden. It looks like a Florida Pool Cabana from 1969. We’ve had it on her walls for a year and she loves it so much and it rocked her Carleton Varney Bed-in-a-bag. We’ll be moving her ‘room’ to another and she wants to keep the same wall color. (This happens every couple years, it helps us declutter. The hard way.)

        Meanwhile I’m dreaming of an Emerald green Master bedroom…

        Thank you again and I really appreciate your comments and all the beautiful photos, humor and advice found at your blog.

        God Bless you!

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  10. Sunny Penner Cox says:

    I like the emerald. PS – The new Country Living is all greens w/cream and jet black. I actually leafed through it in the checkout line. Nice. For green-black, or for pairing with green, I also really like Annie Sloan’s Graphite.

  11. christen says:

    Love this post. Any recommendations for a good kelly/emerald paint color for a dresser for my boys’ room? Kind of John Deere but not.

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