Emerald City – Why I’m Crushing on Dark Greens

Lately I can’t seem to get enough of inky, dreamy emerald green.  It’s sophisticated and glamorous with white trim and fabulous art.

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Jewel tones like emerald and jade can’t help but read dramatic in a glossy or lacquered finish.   

Recent Kipps Bay Showhouse – library by Jamie Drake

Maybe I’m loving it because it feels a bit Dorothy Draper – a nod to the late 40’s, maybe even the early 60’s.  Gee, maybe it feels a bit like my other favorite Drapers:  Don and Betty!

 Hotel Lobby decorated by Dorothy Draper

I like teally-green and jewel tones paired with lighter greens, light blues, even reds or yellows.

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Emerald, jade, or kelly green are strong enough colors to act as a neutral – much the way we’ve seen navy doing lately.

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As a Nashville Color Consultant, I’ve been using lots of inky blues in the backs of bookcases – but I’m totally crushing on the emerald green backs of the bookcases featured on Young House Love.

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I helped a client choose a fabulous dark green for their family room last week, not dissimilar to the color on the walls below.  What a striking backdrop for black and white photography or art.

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If you haven’t yet, follow me on Pinterest to see what other colors are turning my head these days!

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9 years ago

Hi Kristie,
I’ve hardly ever met a color I didn’t like! Being a person who loathes painting, I stick to lighter, neutral paint tones and accessorize with color. I also heard a designer say a few years ago, that colors that aren’t found in nature are the trendy ones we’ll tire of faster. What do you think?

Maria @ All Things Luxurious

I have been crushing on those bookcases from Young House Love for so long — I just can’t look at that photo enough times! 🙂

9 years ago

Beautiful color! I especially love that first picture. Gorgeous! The greens are getting stronger, don’t you agree?

Emma Walker
Emma Walker
8 years ago

I have been reading your blog all night and love everything! I am looking for a paint color for my office at work, we have to use Sherwin Williams and I am wanting a rich dark green. I love the top 2 colors and would even be ok with something a little less blue/teal and a little more olive. Do you have any suggestions?

jo flynn
jo flynn
7 years ago

Hi there

What colour and company is this green please?

Many thanks


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