Mirror Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint

A couple of months ago I found this varnished wood mirror at a yard sale for $30.  Didn’t love the 1970’s finish, but totally loved the frame.  I had no idea where I’d put it, but I buy things I love when I find them (if the price is right) and usually find a place eventually.  

painting varnished wood

dated mirror frame


To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have bought this mirror if I didn’t know I could use Annie Sloan chalk paint on it.  Use see, the prepping and priming required to knock down a varnished finish may not have been worth it to me – but with Annie Sloan’s paint, I knew I wouldn’t have to do ANY sanding or priming.

annie sloan chalk paint duckegg

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duckegg


All I needed to do was lay down a dropcloth, use some painter’s tape on the mirror, and start painting – which I did last weekend.  From start to finish, it took less than two hours.  It would have taken less time, but there were lots of detail and crannies to get the paint in.  The chalk paint dries so quickly, you can recoat in about 30 minutes.

annie sloan duckegg chalk paint

Wax on, wax off


A quick coat of clear wax and a little buffing, and the mirror was finished.  I actually moved the white mirror in my entry to my bedroom and hung the new painted mirror in my entry.

painted mirror chalk paint

Chalk Painted Mirror


I love it!  It’s starting to feel like spring around here.  What do you think of my painted mirror?



  1. ange

    Hello Gorgeous!   I do love me some ASCP.  Spring should come soon, have fun at HomeGoods tonight, wish I could come but the 13 hour drive is kind of long.  

  2. Sherry

    Can you use this paint on kitchen cabinets?

  3. kelly

    It looks really beautiful! what an awesome yard sale find:)

  4. ~syl

    Just Stellar!!!!!!!  Love it!!!!!  Thank you again Kristie for the wonderful tips and budget friendly projects!!!!!!!

  5. Lynne Neal

    Beautiful mirror totally enhanced by the new paint colour.  Good job!  Very encouraging to read what can be done over with ASCP.  Spring is on the way!

  6. Sheila @sZinteriors

    This is gorgeous, Kristie! The colour is so soft and pretty, and your vignette very Springy and welcoming. I'm inspired!

  7. Charisse

    I really like the color. This might be enough to make me break down and use ASC on a couple of paint projects I havepostponed because they require stripping first. I have to order it as there are no local sources. It is indeed amazing what a little paint can do to completely change an item from dated to wow.

    • Charisse

      sorry, when I pressed post comment it had an incorrect email and website address.Don't know where they got that from! Should be correct now. Again, sorry!

  8. MK

    I love it!  The only thing I have ever painted using ASPC was also in Duck Egg Blue. Love it. I bought a sample when I was visiting a friend out of state.  I would like more, but kinda hate to pay for the expensive paint PLUS shipping costs since it is not sold near me.  Have you tried any of the DIY recipes for making your own chalk paint????

  9. Rebecca Brown

    Kristie, I love Annie Sloan chalk paint, but I didn't know it would go staight onto a finish like that without some sanding or any prep at all.  This is very illuminating news!  I do love the mirror transformation and, as always, love your color choice.  Just beautiful.


  10. Doreen

    Love the Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I just painted my dark cherry dining room table and sideboard French Gray  with clear and dark wax.  My husband says I need chalk paint intervention, he cant believe I'm painting good wood.  I laughed and told him its still good wood just different color.  Candle sticks look beautiful.  

  11. Donna white

    Is this duck egg blue???  Love it!

  12. Jessica

    Did the same thing with our bathroom mirror!! ASCP is amazing!! In the middle of painting an armorie with it. Also have a lamp in the works. I find something new everyday I want to paint with it! 

  13. Kelly

    Really, really pretty Kristie! Isn't it so nice to not have to strip and do all th prep work with ASCP? Love the color too!


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