A Great Place to Put Your Bling

I was working at a client’s home a couple of weeks ago and saw she had a great standing dress form in her living room.  She said she bought it at HomeGoods and was going to use it to display a vintage bridemaid’s dress.  A few days later, she was at HomeGoods again and saw another one – she called me immediately, and I asked her to put it on hold for me (it was the last one)!  I’ve always thought a dress form would be perfect to display and organize my necklaces and vintage brooches, and it certainly is:

Dress Form from Homegoods


Isn’t she FABULOUS???  Now I can see all my jewelry and everything doesn’t get all tangled up.  I’ve been collecting vintage brooches for years, but it’s hard to see them all when they are piled up in drawers and boxes.

Vintage Brooch Collection


I’m not good at organization unless it’s attractive, so this is a MAJOR score for me!   It looks vintage, which works well in my period bedroom – but it would work equally well in a contempory home.

I feel like she deserves a name.  Any ideas?


  1. Michelle

    I say name her Estella. Gabrielle says Genevieve (she says she’s definitely French).

  2. Dianne

    Fabuouls idea

  3. Marian Parker


  4. melissa

    Lucinda. Not sure why that popped in my head. 🙂 lol! Such a fun idea and creative way to display your jewelry!

  5. Pam Barnett

    I vote for Mildred, but only my family will understand why!

      • Kristie Barnett

        actually, my deer head is named Mildred. so what do you think about Evelyn????

  6. Jennifer Duchene

    Love the bodice of Giselle – I too enjoy hanging my jewels out as decoration and for ease of use. I have hung them on accessories grouped together, and love how the colors glow.

    Jennifer Duchene
    Home Makeover Mixtress blending lifestyle laughter and Diva Dens

  7. Shelly

    what a great idea! she looks like a Jezebel to me….

  8. MaureencModecor


  9. Maria Killam

    love that! So fabulous!

  10. Amy White


  11. Marie

    I love this dress form, I bought mine at Marshall’s and have been using it ever since. In fact I blogged about her too a couple weeks ago. Happy Modern Mix Monday!

  12. Nita@ModVintageLife

    Love this so much! What a great way to display all your jewelry. Thanks for linking up at Mod Mix Monday!


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