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Designing Around Knotty Pine Wood Paneling

This is an article I never thought I’d write.  Because I’m a paint-the-paneling-kind-of-girl.  If you read this blog on a regular basis, I’m pretty sure you know exactly how I feel about wood paneling.  To clarify, it’s not that I don’t like it – I just like it painted out.  Real knotty pine wood paneling […]

The Power of Paint – Amazing Wood Paneling Makeover

My online home staging client, Jessica, was overwhelmed with getting her home ready to go on the market.  The dark wood paneling sucked out any light and made the space feel smaller than it was.  Her husband had resisted lightening up the house for several years, but when it came time to think about selling the […]

Don’t Paint the Paneling (& Other Shocking Advice from The Decorologist)

I bet you’d never thought I’d say this, but there are situations where you should NOT paint that old wood paneling.   Usually, there’s nothing that will update a room faster than painting the dated wood paneling.  See this post. source   Last week I did a design/color consultation with one of my readers, who had […]

Faith in Staging

My least favorite part of staging and decorating homes is selling myself and my vision to the homeowner.   I realize it is absolutely necessary, but I know they can’t see what I’m seeing in my mind’s eye and that can be frustrating.  My best days are those when I do a staging (or decorating or […]